15 mins rower, ya rower, was checking it out to make sure it was in working order and said f it, why not. super boring but different enough

Activations with 120lb BT gut  and quad roll/static for 5 mins each

Two hand swings for time.  Rounds of 2 mins, 3 mins, and 2 mins. Worked on diaphragm breathing instead of pull on the drop and hard exhale on drive portion.  Just breathing in and out and mostly focusing on filling as much as possible each breath. Sometimes it was good and time passed. Then other times it was holy F I hate this and my forearms are cramping. I can't make it etc. Then I kept saying that is your mind not your body wanting to quit and that helped alot until the asshole kept turning up the volume. You know the jackass at the light that knows it is annoying you  and turns it up, only it is we hate it and we can't make it.  I know this is silly shit but these are the tricks your brain plays all the time no matter what the event is and if it is for reals or not. Anyhow,  just something else I focus on now.


1 lap prowler with three laps upper body sled

Activations and BT Gut/quad roll/static for 5 mins each



Activations with BT gut quad roll/static for 5 mins each

2 laps prowler


Activations with plank/bird dogs

1 lap heavy prowler

Reverse hypers 6x12

More work on pit shark with new front squat harness. I like this alot. Even easier to use then the regular belt squat. Same hate i generate on a regular front squat is also realized here as well.  It will be available this week if you are interested.

We started a BAT/RPR group once a month and this Saturday was the first one.  Some people showed up I did not expect. They had just done the first cert. My first question is have been practicing on yourself and I get no, but I have been watching the videos and reading on it. What? The first thing I did when I got back was try to wear myself out and then I found a bunch of tools to get deeper and keep my arms from falling off. I practiced every day and still do.  It is for anyone but it really is for yourself and should be practiced daily. If you can't do yourself(he said do yourself), then how can you tell people what to look for and feel  when they do it themselves.   The reality is it is voodoo and it works above most anything you have found for performance, recovery and general well being.   Answer to all, NO. Not at all. I thought about it later that night and related it to something you put in your drawer and forget about it.  Many times over the years you really could have used it but you didn't practice or keep it in front of you for at least a bit. Later you pull it out and go , shit i forgot all about that. This is some really cool shit. Or like the cert getter. You get a bunch of modalities and that is all you got.  Not really ranting but maybe a tad.

The sessions went well  and I think some eyes opened up as well as getting a reason why you really use it.  Most everyone felt good and relaxed afterwards.