Today was a great leg training day. Hit lots of leg curls, leg extensions and various other single leg and single joint movements. My split has changed due to some goals I have right now. So my training split goes like this:

Monday: Legs: muscle work, also known as more single joint & single leg work than typical for a powerlifter.

Tuesday: Shoulders and Traps - why, yoke, that's why

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: Legs - hip dominant, low back and deadlifting variations

Friday - back/bi's

Saturday - chest/Tri's

Sunday - OFF

I have been traveling lately and have seen a lot of interesting things in other gyms. I will list a few, some for technical improvements if you are a trainer and others that were just hilarious.

1. Trainers having client doing exercises they clearly don't understand. For the love of god, if you don't understand an exercise, don't have a client do it. I saw this so much, chains that barely left the floor, farmers walks with 20lb. dumbbells, (that's not a farmers walk, that's going and getting some dumbbells), and so much other stupid shit that was just useless. It's like if someone is stupid they just have someone do ridiculous stuff on one leg or on a bosu ball because it is a difficult skill to do if you have never done it. Notice I said skill. It's not a difficult exercise. Rowing 10lbs. on a cable on one foot doesn't make someone stronger or "more balanced", it just wastes time and keeps the client "entertained".  My clients don't like me most of the time cause I make them do shit that is hard and actually gets results, but they love me cause they are strong and look good. I'm not a clown, I'm not here to entertain, I'm a strength coach and I wish some of these trainers I have seen lately would wake the hell up and learn something about real training.

2. Now for the really funny stuff.

A. Girls dancing while working out, like they are in the club. I saw twerking upright rows and while I tried to get Yessica to incorporate these at the UGSS, I still think it is one of the funniest things I've ever seen in a gym.

B. Sumo squats in short bike shorts from a dude. This was like a car wreck. I couldn't turn away and yet was so disturbed at the same time.

C. Shitty pants guy. So if you wear 1980's gym shorts that are light grey and cotton, skid marks are not your friend. Just throw them drawers out bro.

And that has been my take on all my travels to different gyms. I love The Spot Athletics and when I don't train there I miss it so much.