Thought I know how well it works for me to train less during the week and grow more, I struggle with it quite a bit.  As much as I love training, I know that even going from 4 days a week to 3 days makes a huge difference so I forced myself back to 3 days a week and it is already panning out quite well.

Not only do I get more work done outside of the gym cutting back that one day, but I have already noticed increased strength and more fullness in the gym, as well, and it has only been about a week-and-a-half.  Nevermind the over 2 hours in commute time that I save by cutting that one day on top of the 2 hours of training including stretching.  Now, I didn't cut the day to save time; I cut the day to make my workouts more efficient and just plain better, but I admit that it is a nice side effect to get more work done outside of the gym, too.

The one drawback is I have more work to do with 3 days because I need to cram in the same amount of stretching (because my back has to stay healthy or I am asking for another injury) but also ab, rear delt and trap work that I would otherwise do on that 4th day.  Still, the trade off is minor for the change in results that I get from 3 days.

Not many guys can psychologically handle training only 3 days.  When I have my clients do it in the off season (not all of them but a lot of them) it doesn't take long before they recognize the benefits.  My joints feel MUCH better and I don't have to be dragging ass on that 4th workout which is typically a workout where I train chest and back for the second time each week.  Strength is already going up and the pumps are insane.

I also made a diet change by having the cottage cheese meal post workout instead of before bed.  I eat a tub of non-fat cottage cheese postworkout instead of cereal and protein powder and the cottage cheese supplies me with 78g of protein and 36g of carbs.  I then have the protein powder and usually fat from peanut butter before bed.  The added sodium postworkout from the cottage cheese is also a bonus.

I have gained about 3 pounds since changing to this diet a little over a week ago and though I haven't added any body fat (calories are actually almost identical from dropping a small amount of carbs postworkout and adding some fat earlier in the day to my second meal), I can tell that I am holding more water.  It has been less than 2 weeks and as well as I feel it is working, I admit that GI distress from the dairy might become an issue, though minor.  Basically, I get the shits from the cottage cheese.  TMI?  Hey, you're reading this for information, right?  The cool thing is the cottage cheese is so much more filling and satisfying than the protein drink and cereal, too.

Another important note is I have not been to the Chiro in almost 3 months.  I was not training for 2 months so I didn't go at that time and since being back now for just under 5 weeks, I still haven't gone.  This is basically stupid and this is EXACTLY how bad things happen.  

Tonight while training legs with hack squats I noticed my back was a little tight and that is the first sign that I need to pull my head out of my ass and get to the Chiro.  I have still been stretching and that is likely what is saving me, but I made an appointment for next week to get back on my regular schedule of getting adjusted every 2 weeks.  Shitting standing up in the shower is not a lot of fun, thank you.  Plus, my poundages are going back up quickly and that is another variable that adds vulnerability to my lower back.

Skiploads are all day at this point on Sundays but are still relatively controlled in that I am not putting away large amounts of food like when I am peeling body fat off.  I am basically in a holding pattern as far as condition and though it has stopped improving, I am growing and getting stronger so there might be a small amount of recomping going on.  If  I am being honest, though, it is a SMALL amount of recomp.  I plan to enjoy the added strength and great workout for another few weeks until I get back from NYC early October and then add in some cardio so that I can get a bit leaner for the family cruise in late November.

Workout split right now looks like this:


chest/back/rear delts/abs/stretch




Side delts/arms/abs/stretch

However, I am contemplating switching next week to:


chest/side delts/triceps/abs




back/biceps/rear delts/traps

I am contemplating the change for no other reason than I am bored and want a change.