A few months ago I was working with a client who is not living up to their potential on their log press and I tried to explain to them what I wanted them to do and the typed word and even the spoken word sometimes just doesn't get the job done, so I did it in the gym. We are working on a series of "Movement and Pattern" positions that will build their log press so I shot a video example. Roughly 6 weeks later, I'm setting Personal Records in the gym.

Last Friday I'd been through my entire pressing session. High rep bench press (I'm recovering from a pec sprain), triceps, incline dbell presses, biceps...and then I had my log press plan all laid out.

Start the session with 3 rounds of 60%.

Then 3 rounds with 70%.

Then 3 rounds with 80% (technically a Personal Record here)

And then 1 solid round with 90% on the log press.

But a tune came on the Spotify playlist that really dug deep. I made it through my first round and sat in my little corner to reflect on the day and the more that I heard that song the more that I just had to get up, start the song all over again, and get back over to the log. I did 4 rounds, mostly through some very powerful emotional tears.

He said "I guess that's alright if that's all you've got to give
If that's all you've got to say in this one life you've got to live
There's no meaning in your melody so predictable and weak
Wasted words and shallow rhymes
I'd Rather hear a woman cuss me a blue streakYou see, the pencil to the pad is like the bullet to the gun
The pen is mightier than the sword
If the words are forged from fire from the sun
Yet some do it for the fame, the fun, the money and all the glory
Yet some do it for their weary soul
Won't rest until they tell their storyYou gotta make 'em feel what you feel
Help 'em dream a dream and make 'em wonder
It's like catch lightning in a bottle
Make 'em smell the rain and hear the thunder
Let 'em taste the tears of joy or the bittersweet taste of sin
Find the passion in a four letter word or a Sunday morning AmenAnd then he flicked his ashes and he pointed at my heart
Said "If you're searching for solid gold, that'd be a real good place to start
Let the words speak for themselves, tell the truth, right or wrong
And bare your soul for all to see all for the sake of the song"