Meana's Hybrid Meet Prep

Meana is planning to compete at the Hybrid Showdown on February 1st, which I just now realized is the same date as our Deadlifting for Doggies Fundraiser.

This is Meana’s basic plan following my M2 Method Programming leading into her meet:
Week 7: Full ROM, triples
Week 6: Reverse mini band doubles
Week 5: Full ROM, doubles
Week 4: Opener w/straight weight, 2nd and 3rd with reverse mini bands
Week 3: Opener and 2nd w/reverse mini bands, 3rd w/reverse light bands
Week 2: Opener w/reverse mini bands, 2nd and 3rd w/reverse light bands
Week 1: Deload
Week 0: Off

Here's some of her recent squat training:

400 for a well executed double at 5 weeks out

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I’m often asked by lifters following my programming if they can use percentages higher than what I program. My answer is always that if they’re able to stay within the designated number of reps for that week then yes. You know your body better than me. I had programmed for Meana to do 385 for a double, but she was capable of 400 which will improve her confidence even more leading into her meet. Nice work Meana!

4 Weeks out
1st Attempt- 380
2nd w/Reverse Mini Bands- 420
3rd w/Reverse Mini Bands- 440




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Meana had some concerns due to knee issues from switching to pulling sumo, but switched back to conventional and is now not only back on track, but ahead of schedule. Lifters will often feel beat up while leading into a meet, but much of this can be avoided if the training is planned properly.

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