In my last post, I talked about measuring food and how "off" it can be sometimes if you're not measuring the right now.

This video is long, but PLEASE watch it because I GUARANTEE 90% of you out there are doing this incorrectly!!

If you are tracking your food but your measurements are OVER, then your bottom line will be off 100% of the time!  Let's say you are off by 50 calories at each meal.  Multiply that times 5 meals a day and you're 250 calories MORE than what you thought you were eating.  For many looking to lose weight, that's the difference between making progress and staying the same.

Now, disclaimer... this is not intended to make you stress about measuring or become obsessive about measuring.  I want you to just learn and be aware.  When a client has a lack or progress, this is one of the culprits (among a few others).

Also, as I've mentioned before on Instagram, food labels can be off, so take these numbers at that... a guide.  If you're not losing weight, you're not in a deficit.  I don't care what your tracker or app or calculator says!


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