It's funny how a change in gyms can increase your training intensity without any real added effort. Even after training as long as I have, I still find that a "fresh" or new environment (gym) with great equipment can take workouts to another level.

I admit that part of the reason that I like training when the gym is closed is because I can be loud. I know a lot of people frown on this, but I don't really give a shit because your ass isn't there to hear it, anyway. Even though I have trained for as long as I have, I am still the type of person that doesn't need or want to attract attention. So, I tend to fly under the radar as much as I can. I don't slam weights, and I don't yell or make a lot of noise. However, when I'm the only one there, I take advantage of it and I can yell, grunt, sing, pose (I NEVER pose in a gym where there are other people. I think it's douchey no matter if you are bit or not) or take pictures or video without feeling like someone is watching me.  I am enjoying being loud and not having to worry about what anyone thinks. Yes, I know, you don't give a shit what people think. Well, I do, and I don't want anyone to think I'm a douche.

Poundages are going up, food is going down easily, and my condition is good for off season condition. I'm not ripped but I'm relatively lean by off season standards. Most importantly, I am really enjoying the leg training now that my hip has recovered. I get excited to train legs and that hasn't happened for quite a while -- even before the injury. It isn't that I don't enjoy training legs, but keep in mind that I dealt with chronic lower back injuries for years, so leg training was riddled with anxiety to the point where I would breathe a sigh of relief when my leg sessions were finished. It made the workouts less enjoyable for this reason.

I am forcing my volume down a bit because I have a more frequent rotation for my training right now. It is working incredibly well but I always fight with wanting to do more volume. It usually manifests itself with "I'm going to do just one more set," and that turns into an added 3 or 4 sets per muscle group. I have so far fought that urge and kept the volume low. I am progressing quite well so I just remind myself that the lower volume is the reason things are going so well.

Another thing to mention that is likely playing into the workouts being so productive, recently, is because we are now settled in the new place. It took a couple of weeks to find my rhythm as I don't do well with change. I'm pretty predictable and boring, and I like it that way. New things make me anxious and that makes me irritable. I was told in no uncertain terms by my wife last weekend that I needed to chill the fuck out. While my wife as saying it, our youngest daughter was smiling like a smart ass while nodding in agreement. Without taking a poll of what the cats though, I was overruled 2 to 1. I accepted that and have chilled the fuck out.

While most people won't be able to train on Christmas Eve and Christmas, I will be pounding, per usual, at 9:30pm both nights -- including New Years Eve. Normally, I take the holidays off but I don't want to this year. I'm glad to be back from this latest injury and I'm enjoying my training, so I am going to be training through like it's just another normal week.


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