For about 2 years now I've been trying to get my back back to where it will let me load my 310 lb Atlas Stone to a decent platform. 18 months ago I was in The USA training all alone in a gym and they had a stone that was about that. Of course I tried and of course about 1/2 way on the stand up my back grabbed me like it had a knot in the chain link and I could to no farther. It has happened time and time again since. Pain? Yeah, of course! But physically I can't push through IS like there is a knot and I cannot extend. Same thing happens when I press overhead. Once my hands get a few inches over the top of my head everything locks up and nothing moves. Little pain, a lot of frustration.

But I've been working on it. I've been chopping away at my Atlas Stone Program now for nearly 36 weeks and progress is in the making.

A few weeks ago I went out and loaded my 245 stone for 7 sets of 2, and another week I loaded my 285 stone for 7 singles and really wanted to grab the 310 and just get it over with...but I was patient. It isn't part of THE PROGRAM!

So this past week I did my program which was:
3 sets of a 3 stone series each with 230, 245, 285 to a 56 inch platform or higher (9 total high platform loads)
I rolled out the 310 stone
Freaking loaded.
I extended up onto my toes an everything...

Just watch...and I'm back to work on this next week with bigger things to come.