I have discussed the changes I have made to my training in the last 5-6 weeks due to transitioning to a TRT phase but have not provided specific details. I figured it would paint a more clear picture if I simply detail my last workout and explain what I am doing differently to allow for more recovery.

As most know, TRT recovery is going to be different than recovery during "other" phases of training. Below is a contrast to what I do while in an "other" phase vs. while in a TRT phase so that recovery is maximized and gains can continue while in a TRT phase.

My current chest and delt workout from 2 days ago:

(I only count working sets, not warm ups or "feeder" sets)

Chest -

*2  working set of machine pec flyes at roughly 90%

I took the first set to the point where I could likely have gotten another rep if need be but probably not more than that one rep. I typically shoot for 12 reps on most of my sets right now. I stopped at 12 sets but likely could have gotten another one for 13.

I stayed with the same weight and went to failure on the second set and got 11 reps.

The first exercise for any body part is almost always an isolation movement that allows for what I call a "stretch and squeeze" type of movement. I do this so that I can get the working muscle good and warm and kind of pre-exhaust that muscle a bit before switching to a compound movement to move more weight. I am not concerned about the amount of weight on the first exercise for each body part. I am focused more on making sure that the muscle is on fire with a good stretch and a good contraction on every rep.

*2 working sets for flat dumbbell presses

Because the first exercise was more of an isolation movement, when I move to a compound movement I make sure to still hit 2 or 3 warm up sets to make sure that my elbows and shoulders are ready for heavier weights for pressing. 

1st set was roughly 90% and I was able to get 15 reps.

2nd set I increased the weight roughly 10% figuring that would push my total reps to be in the 10-12 rep range and I was able to get 11 to failure.

*2 sets of presses on the incline leverage machine

Because I changed the angle to incline, I made sure to do 2 light "feeder" sets to build up to my working sets. 

1st set was roughly 90% allowing for 1 or possibly 2 more reps that I could have done. I was able to get 13 reps.

NOTE: any time I do a machine press for incline, I always go to full lockout on each rep.

2nd set was to failure with another 10% increase. I contemplated staying with the same weight because I tend to fatigue on each working set very quickly vs a flat press. I ended up increasing the weight by 10% because I figured I would be right around 10 reps and I ended up failing on the 11th rep.

*2 working sets of decline Hammer Presses

When I do this exercise as my first compound movement for chest, I push more for poundage and go heavier, sometimes without full lockout.  When I do this exercise late in my chest workout, I typically go with full lockout and hold the top contraction for roughly a one-second count. 

1 working set at 90% and I got 11 reps.

2nd working set was an increase of 20% and I failed on the 10th rep.

Typically, I am losing the contraction in my chest at this point in the chest workout and the burn is not pronounced like it is with the first couple of sets for chest. This is another reason I force he contractions by holding each rep.

Shoulders (front and side delts) -

*3 working sets on the seated side-lateral machine

1st set was at 90% and I got 14 reps

2nd set was to failure after an increase of 20% and I was able to get 10 full reps and a few partial reps

3 sets of Incline (facing the high incline bench) dumbbell side laterals

1st set was 90% and I got 15 reps

2nd set was to failure and then a few partial reps after an increase in weight of 10%. I only managed 11 reps so I added a 3rd set.

3rd set was also to failure but I dropped back down in weight and used the weight that I used for the 1st set. I was able to get 12 reps for this set before failing on the 13rd rep.

*2 working sets of overhead machine presses (seated)

I always do a couple of feeder sets because as warm as my shoulders are at this point, my shoulders can ache if I just jump into working sets.

1st set was 90% and I got 12 reps

2nd set was to failure and I managed to get 10 reps after increasing the weight by 20%.

The total workload of working sets was 8 for chest and 7 for delts (front and side delts only -- rear delts are trained after back).

Prior to transitioning to this TRT phase, my total volume for chest and delts looked like this:

chest -

3 working sets for 4 exercises with all 3 working sets to failure. 

delts - 

3 working sets for 3 exercises to failure.

However, it should be noted that I build to that volume throughout the "other" phase. I typically start at 2 working sets to failure for each exercise and then build to 3 as I get deeper into the "other" phase due to recovery becoming so much better. 

I decided to post these details because I have received a lot of questions, recently, as to how I structure my training while on TRT vs. the "other" phase. 

If you have any questions about the above information, be sure to post in the comments section and I will answer them.



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