Even though Carnival Cruises are notoriously populated by obese individuals, this guy has to be sexy AF when I board.  I might not be after a few days of eating like a, well, a guy on a cruise, but I have to have at least a few days of being in shape so that I can tan my titties without feeling I look like a pig.

I have roughly 10 weeks to drop about 10 pounds of body fat.  I have only been back training for about 4 weeks now and have made pretty good strides that I am happy with and have put forth little extra effort to get leaner.  In fact, I am doing no cardio and relying completely on my diet at this point.  I will, however, be adding some cardio about 7 weeks out after I return from NYC in early October.  It will not be a ton of cardio, though.  I am not prepping for a show; I'm just wanting to drop 8 to 10 pounds to be in my usual condition when we go on vacation.

The small problem I have run into is I am not in the mood for dieting with plain chicken breast and the sort of dieting I do when I am prepping.  I mulled this over for a couple of weeks and have decided to compromise and have a couple of meals that I typically wouldn't have while dieting because I feel that
A) I will have little problem losing 8 to 10 pounds with small amounts of cardio and dieting


B) I don't need to be ripped or in contest shape and I don't want to diet my ass off now when I will be doing that again when I prep next year after having to pull out of my show this year.

I started my new diet this last weekend and I already love it.  This is what it looks like:

5 to 6 meals a day (based on hunger).  I tend to eat 6 meals on leg day and if I get hungry later in the week.  Typically, after a Sunday Skipload I only need 5 meals for a few days into the next week.

meal 1

TrueNutrition Protein coffee (1 scoop)

1.5 scoops of TEAM SKIP Blend Salted Carmel Protein

1 tbsp. natural peanut butter with sea salt added

meal 2

7oz 96% lean ground beef patty cooked medium rare

1 slice of Sergento pepper jack cheese

1/2 tbsp. no sugar BBQ sauce


meal 3

1.5 scoops TEAM SKIP blend Cafe Mocha Protein

1 scoop TEAM SKIP blend Cookies and Cream Protein

1 tbsp. almond butter with sea salt added

meal 4 (on the way to the gym)

5oz chicken breast (barf) 

1 Fage non-fat greek yogurt (plain)


meal 5 (post workout)

1 cup Honey Nut Cheerios

2 scoops TEAM SKIP blend Mocha Java Protein

1 scoop TEAM SKIP blend banana Protein

meal 6 (before bed)

1.5 cups non-fat cottage cheese

5 egg whites with 1 yolk


On days that I do not train the last meal will be another beef, cheese and bbq sauce meal instead of cottage cheese and eggs

My Skiploads right now are minimal.  I am on my regular diet for the first part of Sunday and then I have 2 meals of whatever I want on Sunday night.  Lately, I am on a BBQ kick so it might be Dickey's BBQ brisket, pulled pork and some jalapeno sausage with baked beans, coleslaw and green beans.  The second meal might be a gourmet burger and fries or a few pieces of dry crust pizza if I feel I need more carbs.

Every 3rd or 4th Skipload I load for the entire day with a big bfast and then BBQ and/or a burger and fries later that night.  I typically only do about 3 meals on these days with a protein drink or two thrown in.


I am not terribly hungry, at all, right now.  This is primarily due to not doing cardio and not being in a huge deficit as I am just getting back in the gym and trying to also get some muscle back.  I anticipate that as I add cardio and get leaner, I will get hungrier and the Skiploads will increase some.

I am holding right around 218-217 but recomping quite a bit. 

Workouts have been great and I am increasing in strength consistently now every week while back on TRT.

I plan to keep this current diet in place for the duration even after adding cardio back in.  This should have me in pretty good condition come vacation time.