Figured I would lay out my keto diet due to having a lot of questions about how it is structured.   I do a lot of things that some people consider quite unorthodox so this will be no different.  Is it "true" keto?  These days, keto has about as many different definitions as "natural" does. 

I still have trace carbs and my protein is not absurdly low so we will call this "Skip Keto" because, well, branding is everything, right?

I am a 3-protein-drink-kinda guy and I will not be changing that anytime soon.  Of course, I use what I consider to be some of the best protein on the planet in my TEAM SKIP blend protein formula from TrueNutrition.   I typically have 6 meals a day with the occasional 7th, only if I have a longer day than normal.  I eat like clockwork every 2.5 to 3 hours with the exception of my meal that follows my postworkout drink meal which is only about 2 hours.

Meal 1

TEAM SKIP protein blend (usually 1 scoop of Java Mocha and another scoop of either French Vanilla or Salted Caramel)

1.5 tbsp. peanut butter

2 slices of cheese (my favorite is Havarti but I also sometimes will have Pepper Jack or Baby Swiss)

Meal 2

14 oz of orange roughy or Cod

If I have Cod, I use about 1.5 tbsp of a no-sugar ketchup (not reduced sugar but no sugar) because I have an issue with my throat where I sometimes get food stuck in my throat right before my stomach and then food backs up in my throat and I have to cough the food up.  It's fun being old.  Yay.  I only have problems with drier protein sources like white fish, chicken breast and only sometimes beef (of which I will not eat during my prep unless it's a good burger for a Skipload meal).  So, I have to add something to it that makes it less dry or it will almost always get stuck in my throat.

Meal 3

5oz chicken breast

1 single serving Fage' non-sweetened and fat-free yogurt

2 slices of cheese



Same as Meal 1

Meal 5

7oz chicken breast

1/4 cup shredded cheese

3 cups of lettuce or greens blend cooked down in  skillet




.5 tbsp. oil based salad dressing like Newman's Own Caesar

Meal 6

Same as Meal 1

I can't tell you the calories because I don't care and I don't count them.  I count macros. 

My diet does not change on non-training days.

I am starting this prep with no cardio but will not be Skiploading for at least 2 and possibly 3 weeks to get depleted and then I will put the Skiploads in.  This diet is pretty close to what I was doing for my off season diet but I was also having pretty large Skiploads either all day on Sundays or starting on Saturday before bed and going all day Sunday.  I would start to get depleted by the weekend and the Skipload would fill me out again so I anticipate that allowing myself to continue dieting without loading for a few weeks will start the leaning-down process without the added cardio.

  When will I add cardio?  Not sure.  I have no set plan and will add it in as soon as I feel it is needed.  Keep in mind that because I am so sedentary, I will likely respond quite well to even just 30-minute sessions when I do start the cardio.

I have changed my training schedule slightly due primarily to not loading for a few weeks.  I usually do not train on Saturdays or Sundays so that I don't have to take time away from my family but I am going to train on a rotation through the weekend, based on how I feel things are going, how my recovery is, etc..  When I am not Skiploading, I like to train on the weekends because training days trick me into thinking it is a weekday and I won't be thinking how bummed I am that I can't Skipload.

My split right now looks like this:

chest/side and some front delt work/abs

back/rear delts/traps




However, I am going to leave it open to repeating the first workout on the 5th day and THEN taking a day off so that the schedule is always rotating.  This will be judged or gauged on a weekly basis.

I am submitting an article this weekend to EliteFTS explaining how I have changed my Skiploading even since the DVD came out.  Just doing a couple different things that I will get into more detail in the article so if you are interested, look for it in a couple of weeks.

Unfortunately, I did not get a starting weight this week as we had to move into our new place here in Fort Lauderdale and we are not unpacked, yet.  The scale is in one of the many boxes stacked up in my living room.  I should have a weight by Monday, though.