My online client Leslie’s Meet Prep

My friend and client Leslie Kutner has competed for many years (I’ve been working with her since 2007), and has chosen to compete in the 365 Strong Nationals on November 9th. She’s now 7 Weeks out.

Leslie has a busy schedule with a career as a pharmacist at a VA and actively rescues rabbits but still finds time to consistently train.

As I’ve mentioned before, since the gym she trains at doesn’t have the options of a box for squats, boards for bench, or blocks for deadlift we have her on the following 3 week rotation:

Full Squats w/pause Squats and lower accessory
Full Squats w/Leg Press and lower accessory
Reverse Band Squats w/walking lunges and lower accessory

Full Bench w/DB Floor Press and upper accessory
Full Bench w/Flat DB Press and upper accessory
Reverse Band Bench w/DB Incline Press and upper accessory

Full Deadlifts w/varied upper back accessory
Full Deadlifts w/varied upper back accessory
Reverse Band Deadlifts w/varied upper back accessory

She doesn’t always have someone to spot her either, so we have her on a rotation of 5,4,3,2 (for 3 weeks each) for the reps for the main movement with higher rep hypertrophy work for her rotating accessory exercises. Leading into the meet from here she'll do 3 weeks of triples, 3 weeks of doubles, one week of singles, then deload prior to the meet.

Here’s one of her most recent training videos where she squats 265 for 4:

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