Now that I am finding a rhythm or a groove here in Florida, I have started to contemplate what I want to do in 2018.  I didn't get much time over the last couple of months to give this much thought what with everything going on with the move.

I am sure of a few things that will happen or continue to happen in 2018:

I will continue to be a columnist and coach for EliteFTS and I will have my 5-year Anniversary in July.  I still love my relationship with EliteFTS and it is a company/brand that I a proud to be involved with.  I do feel my writing recently has become a bit stale, so my focus is to refocus and step up my game to put out quality work.  

I will continue to build my TEAM SKIP brand and I am enjoying working with my second group of TEAM SKIP Approved Trainers.  This is a mentor program that I do for 2 years with a select, small group of trainers.  I feed them basically everything I know from my training and nutrition knowledge to business knowledge, how to build a client base and treat clients to be able to stand out in the saturated market of online training.

I also have another business (InfinityLife Systems) that is a software based app/program that is basically an online trainer for the average, middle-aged person that knows little to nothing about training and dieting.  It uses onboarding information from the client and sets up a custom training and nutrition plan which also includes Skiploading.  It is based on algorithms and responds to the clients' weekly feedback.  It has been a 2-year project that finally launched about 3 months ago.

I will also continue my relationship with AdvicesRadio, co-hosting our podcast called Blood Sweat and Gear along with the video podcast that we started late last year and have only done a few episodes so far.

The things I am unsure of this year?

I want to compete but that will be contingent upon what happens with the sale of our Colorado home - primarily the timing - because I will have to go back and pack up what is left at the house and move it 1800 miles.  We will also be home shopping here in southern Florida, as well.  As much as I want to compete, I won't do it unless I can commit without huge stresses from life that could be major obstacles.  I anticipate the decision will be made whether I will compete or not this year in the next couple of months.

I will not go back to adding in carbs to my diet and stay keto.  I am finding this to not only be incredibly effective but quite easy to maintain, as well.  I am in off season mode right now and that, for me, means I am not getting leaner right now but maintaining my body weight and focussing on pounding out workouts and attempting to increase muscle mass and strength.  This is, however, a difficult thing to do considering I have been TRT for the last 5 years and I refuse to gain excess body fat.  I am not as lean as I usually am right now but certainly not far off as far as body fat levels.  I am doing no cardio and my fat intake on this current keto diet is quite a bit higher than I usually go and it is working great.  When and if I switch gears and decide to prep, my diet will remain keto with Skiploads on Sundays, like always.

I do not miss the carbs and even on Skipload days my loading is higher in fat and moderate in carbs.  I am not loading a lot as of now, either.  I typically have a heavy breakfast of french toast, sausage, eggs, toast and orange juice and then another meal of BBQ with sides or a high-end burger and fries.  I usually still snack in between meals but it is minor in relation to past Skiploads were I am forcing food with a focus on carbs.

I will not take my body weight much higher because in the past when I have done this, my back becomes a vulnerability and I refuse to regress with my lower back health.  I am almost 4 years injury free at this point and I just do not ever want to deal with that crap ever again.

One cool thing I look forward to doing this year is seeing Marlins baseball at Marlins Park.  Mrs. Skip and I are huge baseball fans and plan to be at the park quite a bit now that our son is finished playing ball in his high school years.

I hope 2018 is as good for you as I hope it to be for me.