My Special Olympic athlete, CJ Piantieri’s, off season training

CJ doesn’t have another meet scheduled for a few months so he’s in “off season training.” CJ responds better to repetitive movements rather than my typical style of training using a gradually increasing range of motion. We still incorporate the boards on bench to reduce the stress on his shoulders since he’s had previous issues and have him on a 4 week rotation of:

Full Squats rotating through reps of 5,4,3,2 each week

3 Board Bench
2 Board Bench
1 Board Bench
Full Range Bench

Full Deadlifts rotating through reps of 5,4,3,2 each week

Here’s one of his recent training videos where he deadlifts 265 for 3. This is less than he’s capable of, but we have him training with submaximal loads and the corresponding percentages until he gets closer to a meet.

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