My Special Olympic Athlete, CJ Piantieri, competing in the UK.

On Saturday, May 11, 2019 my Special Olympic athlete, CJ Piantieri, competed in the Disability Powerlifting Meet with the British Powerlifting Federation in the UK and although he didn’t have his best day (due to travel and getting sick), he still had a good showing and represented the US well. Here are his best lifts of a 95 kg/209.4 lb squat, 80 kg/176.4 Bench, and a 130 kg/286 lb Deadlift at a bodyweight of 141. Thank you to the meet directors Jim and Fred, the spotters and loaders, coaches and athletes. They are some of the nicest, most generous people we have ever met. I also got to meet Phil Stringer who competed against the likes of Lamar Gant, Mike Bridges, and my Irish buddy Gerry McNamara back in Powerlifting’s hay day. Thank you again to CJ’s Mom, Sande, for bringing Trinity and I along. We had a great time.

Jim and Fred are working on re-building the Disability Powerlifting Federation in their area, so we were happy to help be a part of it.

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