A large part of training is adaptation. Can you put your body into the proper environment for growth. Can you handle the necessary stressors in order to progress. Can you ensure you get the proper recovery so adaptation can occur.  The same can be said about life. Are you able to roll with the punches and accept that at times things might not be the way you want them to be. Can you accept this, and adapt so you can still do the things you love?

My Story.....

For the last 1.5 years, MY PERSON, has been in the application process to work with a branch of the federal government. It's an agency that has three letters in it, I'll leave it at that. She got accepted, I knew she would, and has been there training her ass off. She will be gone for 6 months straight with free time limited to the weekends and a few days around Christmas. Anyone who is in a committed long term relationship understands that sacrifices will sometimes have to be made, and I am, and will always be completely ok with that. I am grateful for her in every way imaginable.

With that being said, I'm left with the sole responsibilities of holding down the fort and taking care of our two fur babies. On top of running a full time Physical Therapy and Soft Tissue clinic, a second spot that I just opened, and living an hour away from work there is now less time for training.  I'm that type of person that if I know I cant push and devote myself 100% to something it will eat at me. I simply don't have the consistency in training time to allow me to push my powerlifting to where I know it should and can be. My focus will shift, I will adapt.

I have now taken the dive back into a bodybuilding style of training. I enjoy this type of training just as much as I do powerlifting. I have gone from one back to the other for years. This is something I enjoy, I'm able to condense it based on my schedule, and I'm still able to push myself to and body to its limits. I don't think it will lead to anything beyond training, no banana hammock in my near future, but who really knows. I  will continue to squat, bench, and deadlift, however the parameters will now change.

My training logs will still consist of quality information and videos pertaining to both powerlifting/bodybuilding, and rehab.  I will continue to tell my story and hopefully you will continue to read and take what I have to offer. Thanks for reading.