I've fallen off the posting wagon with my own training.  I have been very consistent with it, however.  I've played around with a few different ideas/tweaks to the basic template.  I don't think there have been any major changes.  I'm just going more by feel while still following the basic idea.

Squat Workout

  • SSB Box Squat: 3x5 (5's Pro)
  • FSL: 5x5 (default)
  • Dips
  • DB Rows

Press Workout

  • FBB Press: 10x5 (just following a basic wave progression and actually trying to rebuild my awful Press)
  • DB Squat or DB RDL (by feel)
  • Pull-ups

Deadlift Workout

  • Trap Bar: 3x5 (5's Pro)
  • Dips
  • Pull-ups or DB Row

Bench Workout

  • FBB Bench: 3x5 (5's Pro - usually do 10 reps on the heaviest set)
  • FSL: 5x10
  • DB Squat or RDL (by feel)
  • Pull-ups or DB Row

It's very simple and boring, but I'm really enjoying myself.  I always do a little extra at the end - useless stuff like curls, shoulder raises... just whatever I might feel like.


I've been really consistent with getting on the  bike for 30 minutes 2-3 days per week.  A few times I've pushed the Prowler (after a Squat/Deadlift day).  Went on a hike in the woods the other day , which was incredibly enjoyable.  I will be doing more of this.  Weight Vest walks are in  the mix, as well.  Basically, the bike is my default because I know it makes me feel good afterward.  The other stuff is spur of the moment or just because I got it in my head.

One thing I have figured out is that I really need to stay with a 3 day lifting template.  I was going every other day (M-W-F-Su-T-Th-Sa...).  Even though I'm not training very heavy my body is still recovering from heart surgery.  I spoke with my cousin (cardiac anesthesiologist) at length and he said I'm probably about 6 months from being completely recovered.  Couple that with being 41 (on the verge of 42) and I need to use my head.  I like the every other day lift with conditioning on off lifting days, but my body doesn't.  It takes about 2-3 weeks and I get to the point where I'm feeling fatigued.  I won't call it over training because I don't train hard enough, long enough, often enough for it to be that.  I'm old and broken.

I know from past experience that 3 days per week of lifting, 2-3 days of conditioning and at least one period where I have a 2 day break from lifting seems to work very well.

With football camp starting in about 3 weeks and the season to follow I'll stick with what I know works.  Conditioning during camp will probably go away because I usually stay at football practice every day.  Once school starts and the regular schedule sets in I'll get back to it.

Overall, I'm kicking ass.  I'm back to sitting around 265-270lbs.  I've even started eating lunch, again.  Three meals a day.  I'm acting like a big boy, now.  Lifting and conditioning is consistently mediocre, which is PERFECT!

Despite what people think, a whole bunch of average workouts strung together, consistently over the span of months and years is FAR better than pushing yourself every single time you're in the weight room.  This may not be entirely true for younger lifters, but with my age, mileage and injury report, it's a excellent way to continue training.

The other reality is that my version of mediocre far exceeds most people's version of awesome.  However, with my background as a collegiate and professional athlete (football, not powerlifting) my expectations for myself (more so knowing what I used to be capable of) are much higher than most.

Nonetheless, I'm kicking ass at mediocre.  If I use the gray matter between my ears a little more I'll continue the trend.