My Training - Week 1 (Bench/Deadlift)


  • FBB Bench: 135x5/145x5/155x5/165x7
  • Pull-ups: 5x5
  • Vest Circuit
  • Squat: 5x15
  • Push-ups: 5x6 paused at bottom
  • KB Row: 5x10

Finished with Traps and Curls.


  • Trap Bar: 230x5/255x5/3x5@280
  • Hypertrophy Circuit
  • FBB Press: 5x10
  • Hammer Row: 75 total (I don't remember how many sets I did)
  • Close-grip Bench: 3x15@95
  • Kirk Shrugs/Rear Delts: 3x10/15


I went to my buddy's house to train for a change of pace/scenery.  I opted for a Vest Circuit because he had limited equipment and was Squatting.

I did 2 rounds to warm-up then added the vest.

  • Squat: 5x15
  • Push-ups: 5x10
  • Pull-ups: 5x5

You guessed it... finished with Traps and Curls.  We topped that off with tacos and beer.

Good week of training.  So far, I like getting my "week" done in two weeks.  The Friday lift being not entirely planned is 50/50 for me.  I've enjoyed it and I haven't loved it because it's a spur of the moment decision.

At the vest least, I'll finish this cycle before I make any changes.

By the end of this cycle we will probably have most of the football team here along with a good group of Baseball players.  Volleyball, Soccer and Cross Country will be showing up as well.  Based on the number of athletes we're going to be allowed to have at a time, my free time will take a dramatic dip.

I really don't know how well my training will go this semester.  I'm prepared to get things in when I can.  If all goes well we'll fall into a routine and I'll be able to plan things better.  Until then, I'm going to enjoy the time I do have and hopefully have some good training sessions.  I will deal with obstacles as they come up.

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