My Wife and I Competed!

There was an online contest through the month of June that I got really excited about. A couple of friends of mine in The UK put it together and it was exactly what I needed to keep me motivated to train through this month. We can't, really, train even part-time at my gym right now so we have brought almost everything home and we have been training late LATE at night when it is cooler.

The Events?
Log Press for Max Weight
Deadlift: weight x reps = choose
Farmers: weight x distance = score, turn every 10 meters

I had a pretty good plan. I wasn't going to even bother myself with doing a ton of reps because it doesn't really feed into my training at the moment but I was going to shoot for a 115/253 Log, Deadlift around 275/600 x 1 (raw, crazy huh?), and with Farmers just make a safe run with 140/308's x 10 M and forget it.

And then half way through the month I tore my left hamstring. Little did I know that it would lend me to have a better overall total and my wife would decide to join me!

This week I finished with:
120/264 Log (best I've done in 2.5 years?)
Deadlift: 100 KG (220 lbs) x 15 reps in 60 seconds
Farmers: 45 KG each (100 lbs) x 60 M with a turn every 10 meters

I had to be real freaking careful with my hamstring because if I'm honest...if I just lean the wrong way it makes me want to slap someone it hurts so bad.

My wife came through in the end and nearly beat me on a couple events.
Log Press: 55 KG (she hasn't touched a log in years)
Deadlift: she pulled 80 KG x 14 THEN decided she could beat the score a few minutes later and pulled 70 x 20
Farmers: (been 17 years since she has touched these) she took the same 45 KGs for 40 M with a turn every 10 meters

Yes, pretty much everyone that reads this could have beaten me...but did you? As we always end up reminding ourselves in the end...we do the best that we can with what we have to give on the day and nothing more. And we had a blast doing it (despite nearing getting in a few heated arguments during training).

Farmers Walk: Our driveway wasn't long enough for us to do it in the driveway so we had to do it in the street. On my wife's first run she almost got hit by more than one car, even with me standing in the street with lights telling them to stop. Clearly they don't recognize awesome like you guys she dropped it and came back and did her run. You may, if you have the sound on, notice that our son does not like to be very far from us. Literally he was a couple of feet away from us and it was moments before midnight when we were doing this. Yes, more than one neighbor came to their front porch to see what was going on, but in all fairness if they would close their windows and turn on the AC like a normal sane individual who is perma-bulking...they wouldn't even hear us! She he yells...for an hour straight. I didn't get to try the number that I had in my mind but that doesn't matter...we had fun and I got to do something.

Till the next one...hopefully soon!

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