As The Spot Athletics has grown we have gone through many different iterations with our website. First I just set one up using google and my very limited knowledge of how those things work. Then I had a friend put something together that was better, but not great. This time, someone who has a great graphic design ability and marketing background did it.

It is amazing to see how far things have come. The goal of the site was to make The Spot Athletics look like a national brand but maintain our messaging. We wanted people to go to our site and be impressed, but get a solid message, not the crap that the chains pass off as fitness.

I am extremely proud of where things have come. The new site is amazing, our messaging is on point and everything is neatly packaged. Is it perfect or where it will be in a year, no, but at this point it's light years ahead of where it was.

Now that we have a great look for our website, all of our marketing materials will have the same look. We are focusing on creating a super strong brand in central Ohio. This new website is a giant step in that direction.

I never realized how much stuff would have to change with this re-branding. Every form, our back of house procedures, sticker, sign, all the social media and a million other things that when I started this process I never imagined. It's not done yet but we have made huge strides on getting there.

I wish that I would have started at this place. I didn't have the contacts, nor could I have afforded to do all this when we started. I think that the time it took to do it helped us refine who we are and how we explained that to people. So I guess the biggest message for owners of facilities is to always be working towards refining your brand and make sure that your message is being received how you want it to be.

The amount of work that has gone into the new site is crazy. I'm proud that it's up and we will continue to make it better. But from here, it's just going to be minor tweaks, not an overall re-branding again.