There are times when you've just become numb to smelling salts. You've carried them in the pockets of your cargo camo shorts. You've hit the new guy in the gym with a fresh bottle, multiple times. You've dropped some into your CPAP machine. You are partially numb.

Sure, a new company will come out with a new version and put a label on it that says "Strongest Formula Ever!" or "May Cause Death" and it works for a while, but not for every occasion.

Like today, for me, it was an eyeball busting set of 10 on squats (geared box squats, obviously) and I knew that I needed to have the aroma flying around the room for more than just one rep. I had already held it up to the fan and then waved the bottle around the area of the barbell and last month I just left the bottle open on the safety rails of the squat rack...but as soon as I racked it (and needed it to "come back") it fell over onto the floor.

So here is my solution... This probably is not for you but it might also be exactly what you need when you step away from your date to go to the bathroom and "freshen up" too.