Activations , extra work on quad with bird dogs and light planks

Standing Tsunami lat bar pulls to chest with band mixed with Bell one arm row. 10x10 tsunami bar-Bell rows 10x8

Same Tsunami bar set up and did push downs and pull overs 8x8 each

Rigged up a old trap bar upside down in the power rack and looped some shorty bands on it and did floor presses. Probablly could have used a swiss bar but this was more fun and ackward press. Several sets x8 with a long hold at top on last rep

Took same shorty bands and looped around suspension straps for weird push ups. 5x8

3 laps prowler light with mad quad/addy. Added 10lb from Sunday and walked a lap.  Continued to focus on breathing through movements.  On breaks, I work on slowing the breathing down for as long as I could. Sometimes a 5 sec hold, sometimes a 10 sec hold, alittle bit of 15 sec.


3 laps prowler with no weight. I wasn't sure how the quad/addy was gonna do so for once I actually did not push hard.  I did think once or twice about adding some weight but due to my poor track record with controlling myself after a injury I may have had a breakthough(maybe)

Did some activations but worked on alot of the same spots from Saturday after the injury.  By the time I was done I was moving it pretty freely but the inflammation was still there. Laying off the Nsaids this time rounds but using a heating pads 3 times daily with hot shower.


Two lap prowler push to start.


Reverse Hyper 6x10

Free squat with duff bar and briefs. so i have had this single ply metal briefs for about about many months now, possibly a year plus and have not worn them to train at all. I have been thinking about putting them on alot lately  and finally said alright then.  Worked up so a medium weight for some 5x3 sets I thinks. Felt good so left it there. I know not normal.  Ended good this time

Moved on to some rack pulls.  Worked up to 500x3 with a figure 8 proto type strap just for fun.  Still ended good.

We also have been working on a occlusion wrap for awhile. Tabled it for a few months and now we want to finish it. Well we tweeked it slightly to make it easier to train with. That needed some testing and I needed some more work. Plan was one or two rounds of 3 sets of 30 on the leg extension.  Mowed through one set and my legs were nice and plump with blood and veins hanging out. Nothing crippling at all so thought one more and call it a day.  Locked it in  and kicked it off.  Was moving too fast with the reps and about half though the 2nd 30 reps, got a new quick  taser between the quad and addy. Not the usual one with minor shock and ripple roll.  That is done then. Hopped up to run it down and find a hole or divit. Nothing there, just too much blood pump.  About a 6 ish on the pain scale standing up and putting pressure on it. Most of the pain was  trying to lock it standing.

At first it was difficult to move it with the swelling, but I kept working the VMO spot and other activation points.  This helped to restore full range along with general moving it around and tissue manipulation.  Spent about a hour and some change  working the activation points and trying various methods to keep it stretched and not lock up.  Applied no ice this time and only heat for 4 rounds on Saturday.

As of Monday, no blood brusing has occured.  I have been able to use the leg with prowler , upper body work and ab work.  It is still a deep brusing pain but no hole, no gaps , no function issues(except the inflammation. )   So as of now, my presumption is scar tissue either giving out or popping loose.   This morning(Monday) during the activations of the asis , quads , hammy I continued to get more and more pain free motion so that was encouraging. Normally it takes a couple weeks with minor rips with me to get that ROM back without pain.   I can remember tearing the addy in the past and literally hobbling with the prowler like a pirate and his peg leg. Pain scale was always at a 8 back then.  I will keep you updated with the usual WTF commentary.

But I can now say that I have torn shit from EVERY angle possible. I thought I had covered it all in the past but now I can add OCCLUSION to the pile now.  I want to blame it on the statin I starting taking to make my DOC happy. Very tiny dose though and only monday, wednesday and friday on that. Doubtful I can pull that one. Just  have to blame it on: Today was a good day! Because that is exactly what it was and finished out to be-a good day. Normally I get depressed and upset like I am turd and doomed to this shit by all the Gods that ever were slanged down on some paper or passed verbally from generation to generation.  I don't accept this as the way it is anymore, I just accept it as that what this moment is.  Beside I be damn good at rehab, Brah. I can rehab any shit.