Took this week to "deload"a bit.  Kept Monday's heavy upper body to moderate 5's and then DB work on Thursday for rep work.  Tuesday's lower body was pause squats, then ramped up at the end for a max effort reverse band deadlift.

And it's finally October!!! The best month ever.... fall, Halloween, football, sweat pants weather, pumpkins and birthday!!  I'm pretty determined to make this a good month and it all starts with me. 🙂

Training Sept 25-30

A. Swiss bar bench, worked up to 155x5
B. Cable flyes, single arm 4x10 each
C1. Chain laterals 4x20
C2. Spider crawls 4x5 up and down
D. Face pulls 3x15, drop set last set
E. Tris

A. Pause squats worked up to 3x5 @ 205
B. Single leg leg press w/ band 4x8 each
C. DB stiff leg 4x12
D. Body weight walking lunge 2x20 yards
E. Calf raises 3x15 each

A. DB bench worked up to 70x9
then down set of 40x30
B1. Smith machine OH press with bands 4x10 drop set last 
B2. Machine laterals 4x15-20 drop set last 
C. Neutral close pulldown 4x12
D. Bent over row 4x12,12,15,25
E. Wide lat pulldown 3x12-15 drop set last 

A. Reverse band deadlift worked up to 415x1
B. Single leg leg press 4x10 each
C1. Leg curls 4x10
C2. Pullups 4x6-8
C3. Shrugs 4x10
D1. Leg extension 3x15
D2. Ab wheel 3x10