This was kinda the 3rd week of a mini cycle. Heavy (max effort) work was rotated based on what needs to be worked on right now, and mostly working with heavy 3's, although excited to get to some heavier singles too.

Dynamic lower body was 3 week wave with a light band and the SSB and so on the 3rd week (this week) worked up to a decently heavier single, but still fast.

My second upper day was varied, mostly due to the wrist issues, so worked some OH pressing and DB pressing in for rep work.

Heavy lower was rotated as well and so this week hit the cambered bar for some heavy 3's. Friday's lower was HOT and made for a rough go at the accessories.

Along with this week's training, a little throw back popped up in my memories.... One of my shows from last fall.... read my thoughts on it in the caption below.


#throwbacksunday - I rarely do these throwbacks.... I think subconsciously bc it's the past and the past is over. But sometimes looking back can give you a perspective on moving forward. 1 year ago, I took the stage after an 18 month off season to grow. It was a culmination of a lot of things coming together. When this popped up in my memories, I was flooded with emotion (read: I cried like a baby lol)... I miss it. I see these pics and there's so much I miss about it... not just that day, but all of it... every single thing that goes into, physically and mentally. Itching to put my head down and do some work again. #weshallsee It's good to look back but not for too long. Take what you need then move forward. And the gentle reminder of my small but strong circle remains at the forefront of my mind. I love you guys. #teamelitefts #teampump #physique #neveralone #creatingamonster #support #love #family #dualathlete #me

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A. Pin press worked up to 185x3
B. DB press, neutral 4x12-15
C1. Incline facing Laterals 3x15, drop set last set
C2. Single arm rear raises 3x12
D. Skullcrushers
E. Pushdowns

A. Speed box squats vs light bands
6x2 @ 175
B. Snatch grip stiff leg deads 4x8
C. Seated Goodmornings w/ SSB + band 3x12
D. Rows
E. Leg curls

A. DB Shoulder press 4x10
B. DB flat bench  3x15
C1. Leaning laterals 4x12 each
C2. Plate front raise 4x12
D. Triceps
E. Curls

A. Cambered bar squats, warm ups then
2x10 @ 185
B1. Curtsy lunge 3x6 each
B2. Bulgarians 3x12 each
C. Leg curls 4x10
D. Neutral ladder pulldowns 3x8/8/8

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