Training week Sept 10-16

Life keeps plugging away whether we like it or not. Every moment ticks away.  How  many times have you heard, "Control only what you can control?".... and I bet you do just fine until something big pops up and then you start freaking out.

Took me awhile to get there, but if you can learn the difference between what  you can control and what you can't, it can relieve a whole lot of uneeded stress.  It doesn't mean to just throw your hands up and sit back and do nothing.  You still need to work towards what you want.  You can still plan and work and execute and do the small things that YOU can do, that are in YOUR control.

The phone call you need to make.
The exam you need to study for.
The food prep that needs to be done.
The resume that needs to be written.
The rehab exercises you need to do on your own.

Every thing that YOU can do is up to you.  If you do those things, but say someone gets the job before you, then you did what you can do.  Accept it and let it go.  Move on and push toward the next thing. Zac Brown said it perfectly when he sang,

"Save your strength for things that you can change
Forgive the ones you can't
You gotta let it go"

In the end, don't give up.... keep finding a way to get there, but breathe through the uncontrollable moments.

Onto training.... very good week with some floor presses, speed squats and bench with bands and worked some moderate sumo deads.  Having not pulled heavy sumo in awhile (except for maybe some block pulls), I had no idea where I'd be or how fast the heavy weights would move. Much to my delight 315 moved very well.

Here's what went down....

A. Fat bar floor press
worked up to 170x3
Then did 2x10 @ 135 w/ slightly closer grip
B. 3 level laterals 4x8 each
C. DB cleans 4x10 (last set did clean/upright row/press combo)
D. Rear cable flies 3x15
E. Skullcrushers 4x12
F. Preacher curls 3x12

A. Speed squat vs light bands 7x2 @165
B. Leg press 3x20, 1x5/5/5/10 (varied tempo)
C. Reverse lunge 4x10 each @ 45s
D1. Leg curls 4x12
D2. Leg ext 4x15

A. Speed bench vs bands 9x3 @ 100
B. Earthquake bar + fatbells 3x12-15
C. Cambered bar rows 5x10
D1. Leaning laterals 4x12 each
D2. Cambered bar shrugs 4x10

A. Sumo deads warm ups then
B. Deficit sumo deads
C1. Glute hams 4x8
C2. Chin-ups 4x10
D1. TKEs 3x15 each
D2. Goblet box squat 3x12