So I did thing.... I actually did a few things, but one in particular was very different than usual.  I tend to be a planner.  I like to know my schedule and what's going on.  It helps me, well, plan ahead.  I have also in the past been very afraid to make plans... what if something else came up that I'd rather do? What if I don't feel like going last minute?  What if I'd rather just relax, or work, or whatever?

That's also caused me to NOT do things that I wish I would've. Not regret, really, just a twinge of, "Oh man, that woulda been fun."

Earlier in the week I saw that Zac Brown Band was playing at Wrigley Field.   Hello..... ZBB.... Wrigley.... two amazing experiences.  I mentioned it to a couple friends and both were like, "Just go!"

Me: "Ugh.... then I have to spend money on tickets... and I have to catch not one, but TWO trains... I don't know the train routes well enough.  What if I miss one?  What if I don't know where I'm going? I won't have a car.... "

Blah blah blah.  I kept going back and forth all week. I really wanted to go, but didn't have anyone to go with. Which I was ok with and more than happy to go by myself.  The more I thought about it, the more I knew it would be good for me to do it. Step outside of my comfort zone... be uncomfortable... no agenda, no schedule, no other people to worry about.  Just me, some good music, stopping when I want, leaving when I want, wandering if I want....

So just 6 hours before the concert started, I purchased my ticket, finalized the train route and headed out.  I didn't rush. I didn't have a schedule to follow.  With plenty of time to spare, I kicked my feet up (literally), listened to the opening act, bought a $10 beer and took in every sight from the beautiful Wrigley Field.

It's amazing how much I smiled that night.  At no one. At nothing in particular. Just songs, sights, memories and thoughts as they came and went. I laughed and I cried.  It was a great moment...the concert itself was amazing, but it was a moment for me personally.

Doing things I've never done.

Training... similar.  Monday was a rough one.  Mentally (as I stated last week), I was struggling.  Yes, I'm fine and yes I handle life much better now, but I knew I had to adjust training.

So Monday, instead of benching heavy, I decided to take 135 for a ride. I had never pressed it for 20 and that's been a goal of mine. So I warmed up easy and hit it!!

Doing things I've never done.

Thursday did a combo of bands and chains for speed bench (doing things I've never done) and Friday, with the push from my training partner Angie, we worked up heavy in deads (335) then some down sets and took 225x20 (doing things I've never done).

It was a tough but good week.  It seems if you can close your eyes and still smile, even through some pain, you know you're in a good place.  Maybe it's faith, or hope, or just remembering....

A. Bench - 135x20
B. DB Incline 4x12
C1. EZ bar upright rows 4x12
C2. Laterals 4x12
D1. Rear flyes 4x12
D2. Single arm cable rear w/ rope 4x10 each
E. Mace ball pushdowns 3x10/10/10


A. Box squats
2x2 @ 185
2x2 @ 205
2x2 @ 215
B. DB stiff 1.5's - 4x10
C. Bulgarians - 3x10 each weighted, then 1x20 bodyweight, pumped
D. Pulldowns - 4x12
E. Leg curls - 4x10

A. Speed bench w/ micro mini + 1 chain 8x3 @ 95#
B. Neutral grip pullups 3x10
C1. Cable flyes 4x10
C2. Cable rear flyes 4x10
D1. DB clean/lateral combo 3x8
D2. DB Front raise 3x12
E. EZ bar skullcrusher 4x12

A. Conventional Deadlift (warmed up conv and sumo to 275)
B. Meadows rows 4x8, drop set last set
C. Neutral pulldowns 4x12, drop set last set
D. Single arm low row 3x10 each, with hard squeezes
E1. Wide lat pulldown BB style 3x15
E2. Face pulls 3x15 with hard pause and squeeze