Decent week of training. Everything got pushed back a day... it's the offseason... I like being a little more flexible with my life and the Labor Day weekend called for some family time.

Tuesday hit my heavy upper work and all went well.  Staying with some triple "max effort" (ME) work.

Wednesday was super fast paced and got through all that speed stuff in an hour... phew! After that, did a podcast with Tony Montgomery for "Beyond the Platform" so keep an eye out for that.

Friday, Ange and I (my new training partner), hit some shoulder work.  Changed things last minute and did some overhead work... wanted to see how it would do giving my wrist a break from benching... and then of course lotta accessory volume. We were both a little chatty that day, BUT it was much needed.

Saturday hit some solid SSB squats, which I LOVE.  Felt really good that day.  Again, stuck with a heavy triple.  I've been trying to back off some volume in my lower body to see if I can recover a little better.  But those upper days just call to me, so I'm fighting the urge to do more.

Overall a great week. Managing to keep my head on straight lately, which makes me know that everything is gonna be alright.  Still got my eye on some things in the future and I think it's important to keep those things in sight and work toward them, but yet not lose the importance of the here and now.

A. 1 Board bench
2x12 @ 150
B. DB Arnold press 4x10
C1. Fatbell laterals 4x15
C2. EZ bar front raise 4x15
D1. Chain/grenade extensions 4x12
D2. Close grip pushups 4x20
E1. Rear cable flyes 4x12-15
E2. Piston DB shoulder press 3x15-20

A. SSB Box squat w/ light bands - 8x2 @ 155
B. Speed Sumo deads - 6x1 @ 225
C1. Pullups 3x8
C2. Super narrow leg press 3x20
D1. Leg curls 3x12
D2. Walking lunge 3x8 each

A. BB Standing OH press 5x10 @ 95
B. Laterals 4x12
C. Hammer Jammer press thingy 4x15, drop set last set
D1. Cable bentover rear laterals 4x12, drop set last set
D2. Machine laterals 4x15, drop set last set

A. SSB Squat w/ 2 chains
worked up to 185 (bar wt) x3
B. SSB Front squat, narrow 3x12
C1. Manual glute ham 4x8
C2. Weighted neutral pullup 4x5 (last set did 8)
D1. Pistol squat to box 3x5
D2. Band goodmorning 3x20
D3. Box jump 3x5
E. Abs

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