This was a tough week.
Physically - as the week went on, I was feeling it.  My right wrist still hurts to do a pushup and then everything else on my right side wanted to say "F you" as well. I know that means I need some soft tissue work done. By the time Saturday rolled around for deads my body was dead (no pun intended).

Mentally - let's see... out of town a few days, kids started school, my car died... not once, but twice. Scrambled to soccer practices, clients and other various appointments and coaching as well as watching my niece and nephew for the weekend. I felt like I was barely at my house.  Oh, and I caught a skunk.

Needless to say my eating as been on the run, my sleep has been hit or miss and I haven't been able to read like I'd like to. I just started "Ego is the Enemy" though and so far so good, if I can find the time to squeeze in a page or two.

But as I said, with the bad comes the good.  I have been working hard to see things that way.  It's so easy to focus on all the negatives and crap and yuck that pops up in life. And I definitely let myself feel and deal with those things.  But then I move on.

Positives :
Kids started school (back to a normal routine has helped us all).

Time with family - (there's a long story that perhaps someday I'll go into, but I'm grateful my sis and her family are here now).

Talks with friends - I've had to lean on some friends and this past week a few friends have relied on me. Too often we think we are alone in our situations and that no one will understand. And even if they can't walk directly in your shoes, you should have your small circle you can rely on.

Car repaired with minimal issues.

Laughs and memories with my kids.

Coming across pictures that made me smile.

Improvements from clients and athletes, as well as HUGE accomplishments from those that competed.

The list goes on and is much deeper as well. But the important thing is that when life seems to throw a rough day... or even a rough week at you... that there is a lot of good to see as well.  It's ok to feel sad, upset, frustrated with the negatives, but then move on. Be present.

A. 2 board press - 3x3 @ 190
B. Down set 155x13
C. DB Incline fly/press combo - 3x10
D1. Laterals 4x12
D2. Upright row 4x12
D3. Face pulls 4x12
E. Band pushdowns x200
F. Curl 21's - 4 sets

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A. Box squats w/ chains 8x3
B. Leg press 4x15-30
C1. Leg curls 4x9
C2. Pulsed lunges 4x20
D. GHR, manual 3x9
E. Lat pulldown 5x10
F. Abs

A. Fat grip bench w/ minis 8x2 @ 50% (paused off chest)
B. Slingshot 3x amap @ 155
C1. Cable upright rows x12
C2. Shrugs x12
C3. Laterals x12
C4. Rear delts x12
C5. Seated cleans x12
D. Band tris x100
E. Rope straight arm pulldowns 3x15

A. Conventional deads up to 300
B. 3" deficits 225x5 250x5 275x5 250x7 225x9
C. Single leg leg press 3x12 each
D. Low row 5x10
E1. Sled high pulls 4x12
E2. Backwards drags
F. Abs 

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