Prowler 3 laps light


Activations with ab work

Reverse Hypers 4x12 pre, 1x30 something post

RDLs warmed up to 315 and did 10x2 on the minute.  Staying on the breath was not as easy here.

Farmers walk around the building. Several sit downs but okay. They are the 100lb per ones by themselves.

Prowler 1 lap med heavy, 1 no weight nonstop, 1 walk


Activations with 120lb x wife floor presses 5x12

Static gut BT roll 10 mins

Fat Bell press with 5  2 0 tempo 6repx3 sets per weight x 3 rounds

Bandbell press with monster mini 5x6

Prowler two laps med heavy, one lap walk



Reverse Hypers 4x12

Dumbell obliques 8x8

Wide grip MAG bar pulldowns 10x10

Narrow grip MAG bar pulldowns  6x12

Two laps prowler light. One lap walk