When I first moved to Columbus, I had no money, a very suspect job and was sleeping on Matt Smith's couch in a one bedroom apartment. I brought with me everything I had in the world in my 2 door Pontiac Grand Am. This included one bowl, a spoon and a frying pan. Besides clothes and training books, that was everything I owned. I believe I had about $500 in the bank.

Now, over a decade later I have many possessions. I own (or at least am paying for) a nice house, a successful gym, a sweet truck, a motorcycle and a bunch of other shit that doesn't mean much. I think back to the days on Matt's couch and think about how life was so much simpler and really, truth be told, happier. I lived to train, planned my life around it and planned my work around it.

Now I have kids and they take a priority, a business, and all the other shit that is filled with being an adult. But my goal in 2016 is to get back to the place where I was truly happy with one bowl, a spoon and a frying pan.

I cooked all my meals on those utensils, ate from that bowl and washed and repeated. I was happy and didn't have shit. I've spent all this time building this great business but training has taken a back seat, my family has taken a back seat and a lot of other things have filtered in.

So in 2016, things I know my life was better without: a TV. When I moved to Columbus, I didn't own a TV and I was way more productive for it. What did people do before TV, they talked to one another. Human interaction goes out the window, bettering yourself through reading and playing games with the kids are replaced by TV. So in 2016, I will not have a TV.

I don't know what else I'm going to get rid of in 2016 and because of how life progresses, I'll never be able to get back to a bowl, a spoon and a frying pan. But I know that in 2016 I have a goal of traveling one weekend per month to make myself better in business, training or to spend time with my family. This is where I'm putting my resources and not with stupid shit that doesn't mean anything.