This last week has been a ride.
I have had to cut my workouts down to 3 times a week for no other reason than I just have such limited time as Mrs. Skip has accepted a transfer that we have been waiting on for a few months now.  As excited as we are, it is obviously stressful - not only because of the Holidays but she has to be to work in Florida on January 2nd.  Oh, and we have to get this beautiful house ready to be listed.

Adding to the stress is trying to convince a 13-year old that everything she has known in Colorado is about to change and she can't understand how that is a good thing.  Parenting can be a bitch.

Though my training frequency has been cut down, training is going very, very well.  I am getting a lot of my training sessions at 1am or even 2am and it is awesome because I am the only one in the gym at that time.  I freakin' love it and wish I could have it that way all the time, but this is only working right now because Mrs. Skip is not training with me.  I will continue to take advantage of this schedule until we leave for Florida - which is in only another 8 days.

I would have more time to get things done if I wasn't using 4-ish hours to train (2 hours round trip and almost 2 hours of training), but it is the training that is keeping my stress levels lower and I need that badly right now.  Plus, after all of the setbacks this year, I am not about to take time off from the gym and have yet another setback to dig out of when we finally get settled in Florida.

I have already scoped out a few gyms in the Fort Lauderdale area and have found a couple that I need to check out when I get there.    I was surprised to find a LOT of people I know from the industry live in that area of Fort Lauderdale/Miami so it should be fun to see some of these people and meet them for the first time.

I think the change of scenery should allow me to jump into a prep phase soon after the first of the year, but I am still tabling this idea until I can get settled and feel that I am in a good place to go at it without obstacles.  I think it would be cool to prep for a show where no one knows or cares who I am and just have fun with it.

The only downfall I see with this move is Stanton being traded to the Yankees.  lol I very much look forward to taking in my first game at Marlins Park.  🙂  That and riding year round in the sunshine, too.

Old people love their sunshine.

Getting ready to enjoy our last Christmas in Colorado or at least until I can make enough money to have a house here in Colorado and also in Florida.  I gotta get to work *sigh*.