Want to know the fastest way to blow up and feel like a water-logged hog? Let me tell you:

Step back on the gas after dealing with trigger points/injury for the last 10 days and rehydrate at the same time.  

When I don't train and I am resting due to an injury, I do not diet. I don't recommend this but this is the way I have been programmed for the last 35 years. Now, I might eat whatever I want but I only eat once or twice a day. However, this makes it that much worse when I do get back on my regular diet because my body is not use to dealing with the frequent meals and my digestion is not very efficient because I have been only eating once or twice per day.  On top of that, I don't force water when I'm not training or dieting so I tend to be far less hydrated.  Put this all together and I am a water-logged buffalo that looks pregnant for about the first 3 days until the water starts running through me efficiently AND digestion increases and becomes more efficient.

On the other side of the coin, my joints feel incredible. My pumps are painful. I am strong as shit because I stepped on the gas a week ago even though I wasn't training, so that my body would be ready when I stepped in the gym on the first day. PLUS, I figured that logically it might help with recover from the injury, as well. Whether it did or not I am unsure, for the record.

I am finishing up the first week and feel great. Admittedly, I am a little anxious about training legs tonight due to the trigger point and back/oblique issues, though. I was careful train around them this week as best I could so that I wouldn't irritate anything but that is going to be harder to do while training legs tonight.

I am going to start training legs at Iron Temple Gym in Miami where they have more options for leg equipment, though, so this should help me to be more calculated and careful moving forward.  As an example, tonight I plan to use the pendulum squat and the pit shark as both should help to minimize any added stress on my back and oblique vs. squatting or heavy leg presses. If I can get through this workout without any issues, I will feel much better about progress moving forward. I will likely take these precautions for at least the next 3 weeks before attempting light movements for bent over rows, squatting, leg pressing, etc. I don't want to become impatient because I can still have incredible workouts while taking precautions.


I have not weighed myself and I won't until probably next weekend. I just don't feel the scale is going to tell me a damn thing right now as I knew I was going to bloat up and I knew that my weight would be all over the place from stepping on the gas again, as well. By next weekend, I should have a relatively accurate scale weight that I can gauge from there, moving forward.

This current phase will last 24 weeks in total -- just as all of the other phases did. I am 1 down with 23 to go.

I hope you all have a great weekend!