Activations and BT 12 mins gut roll/static work

Side planks 4x20 to 30 sec a side

Arm bars 3x3 per side with extended stretch and hold

Half get ups 3x5 per side

Reverse Hypers 3x12 prior, 3x12 post

Deadlifts with new continuous straps. close and med sumo for 8x3 working up each set. 425x1. Back was still angry from Saturday wide stance GMs so capped it there.

Bosu ball BW squats for time. 5 mins total. Fulls mixed with bottom pauses and partials.  Basically anything that kept me on the ball. My calves were blowed up afterwards like I did a marathon calf sess.

Prowler work-Was lying awake in the middle of the night and thinking how I could beat my time(among other  keep you awake things) and one way was to joggy/half sprint the normal 30 second pushes and walk it off for 10 seconds(I know Tabata right) I hate looking at the watch as it makes me jump the gun on breaks and not attack the breathing. But I also hate not knowing the time. I managed not to look at it and spoil the run.  THe joggy/sprint went fine and I figured I would have a good time. Adding a new element always causes issues and sure enough I did not regulate well. I know I am doubling the push time, well I imagined I was anyhow, it actually was better but not substantially at 7:12 for a 1/3 mile lap.  Better but not the awesome I expected as payment for the joggy/sprint.  Added another regular gasping lap and a walksy and wrapped it up.  Tomorrow will be the last day until after the short weekend vacay.