Everyone gets caught up in what program is best. But really there is no best program. It's all about what is best for you at a certain time of your life or your training goals. Anyone who says they have the best program is a either 1. trying to sell it to you or 2. lying.

The program I am on right now is very simple but what I need at this point. It isn't what I would recommend for everyone but for my goals and what I want to do right now, it is great.

Also, everyone responds to different programs differently. Some people do great with low volume and some with high volume. Don't listen to the person that tells you they got strong using their program. Listen to the person that customizes your program for what you need.

If you have been lifting for any amount of time then you should know a little of what does and doesn't work for you. If the person writing the program doesn't take this into account, then how personalized is the program?

When it comes to using broad, generalized programs, make sure that the intent of the program is the goal of your training. If you are wanting to power lift, don't use a general strength program. If you are trying to power build, don't use a powerlifting specific program and etc...

What is most important is that you stay consistent with a program. If you jump programs every 8 weeks, there is no way for you to ever find out what works for you.

The whole point of this post though is to bring in 3 simple points that will make anyone grow.

1. Lift consistently hard

2. Bring up your weak points

3. Be diligent with nutrition and recovery

If you do these three things then I guarantee you will get stronger no matter what program you follow.  So don't overcomplicate things. I see people spending 2 hours online arguing about what program is best for their 150lb bench. Unless you are at an elite level then your programming only needs the three elements above and mix in a lot of time under the bar.

I had no clue what I was doing 20 years ago but I was a pretty damn strong 17 year old cause I was in the gym every day, worked on what I sucked at and made sure I got good food and sleep. Now 20 years later I have forgotten more than I knew at 17 but those 3 rules still hold true for getting the gainz.