Relentless Minnesota, despite some of the trials, had an awesome result in the end. A PR squat at 123, a PR deadlift at 123 and an all-time PR total of 1122! Now, I am moving on to Physique prep training and dieting. First show is Junior Nationals June 12 & 13. These 10 weeks will continue to focus on my weak points (shoulders, quads and some more separated hamstrings) as well as groove my raw bench work a bit. Amit Sapir is doing my diet and nutritional needs this year.  Training details will be laid out as we go. If you have any questions regarding diet, training, programming, and more, just send me a question!

First leg day back into bodybuilding training is always the worst. Or is it the best?  It's the worst kind of best... no best kind of worst. Well, I call it fun... in a sick and demented sort of way. The pain on leg day is often unreal. Most would tap out, but as painful as it is, I absolutely love it. I always find I can dig deeper than I thought... do a few more reps than I thought... go 10 pounds more than I thought.

LEGS Monday

TKE's - 100 each leg

Squats (varied stance) - 1 giant set @ 125
shoulder width x8
narrow stance x8
shoulder width x8
wide stance x8
shoulder width x8
Banded Leg curls w/ hold - to failure

NOTES: This taxed my legs hard and my heart rate too. I did notice on my wide stance squats a "sticky" part on my left hamstring. It's been there for some time and probably needs to be worked on. I was told to err on the lighter side and the competitor in me said no, but the smart person in me said, "you haven't done high volume in a long time. It's the first week. Err light."  Good choice.

Banded Box Squats w/ monster minis- narrow stance
5x5 with glute squeeze at top

NOTES: On my glute squeeze, I noticed my upper hamstrings (and even medially into my adductors) really starting to shake and quiver. Really worked on keep the work on my legs and quads and not hinging too much so it gets on my back.

Chest Supported Rows - 5x15

NOTES: I noticed (and Saturday too during my rear delt work) that my right trap gets a little dominant. Working on keeping it down, scapula down and keeping the work on the mid-back/rhomboid/lower trap.

Shrugs - 4x10

1.5 rep Goblet Squats - 4x20

NOTES: Legs were feeling ok until I smacked 'em again with these. Definitely shot at this point and pushed for the full 20 reps.

Pulldowns - 4x10

NOTES: Kept weight down just a hair lighter to focus on my lat contraction.

KB Single Leg Stiff Leg Deads
5x6 each leg, alternating legs with  no rest between sets.

NOTES: Everything was kinda fried at this point. Quads were cooked, hammies were working hard and lats were fatigued as well.

Overall, great session. Even though nothing was crazy heavy today, it felt good to push some weight, push the reps and push myself mentally. Rare that I do back work on leg day, but I liked it.

Diet is on point. Carbs are still up for a few more days. Then we'll start cranking away at stripping down for the stage.