Relentless Minnesota, despite some of the trials, had an awesome result in the end. A PR squat at 123, a PR deadlift at 123 and an all-time PR total of 1122! Now, I am moving on to Physique prep training and dieting. First show is Junior Nationals June 12 & 13. These 10 weeks will continue to focus on my weak points (shoulders, quads and some more separated hamstrings) as well as groove my raw bench work a bit. Amit Sapir is doing my diet and nutritional needs this year.  Training details will be laid out as we go. If you have any questions regarding diet, training, programming, and more, just send me a question!

Oh, leg day. No matter how it looks on paper, whether it seems hard or excruciatingly hard, I love leg day. It's always challenging and always forces me to dig a little deeper.

Today was a decent day. Been a little stressful overall and sometimes that causes me to lose motivation in the gym. Determined to not let that get in the way of pushing hard.

MONDAY - Legs and upper back

TKE's - 100 each leg


NOTE: Working on getting my hams and glutes to work harder out of the hole. Due to my years of gear squatting and box squatting

Yoke Bar Wide Stance squats - 4x6 (with a little booty squeeze)

NOTE: Hams and glutes were definitely working on this. With everything else fatigued, this was harder than I expected. Again, working on more technical things (not hinging back too far) and getting my hams and glutes to work like they should.

Wide Pull-ups (all about 1 minute between sets)

Meadows Rows
Dropset @50, 40, 30, 20, 10 x6-8

Feet elevated Lunges
2x10 each leg @ 15's
2x10 each leg @ 20's

Low Row

KB One leg Stiffeys
5x6 each leg, alternating, no rest


Overall, a great session. The squats smoked me. Still sore from Friday too. I like the volume and I think overall it (and the other exercises) will build up my hams and glutes to help with my overall squat.

Diet is going great. No real news there. Carbs are down a bit. Generally speaking not real hungry although I won't lie, stress has me wanting to eat some junk food... like maybe a pint of Ben & Jerry's. That will come eventually. For now, stay the course, as all will be OK in the end.

Cardio is on track too. Right now I'm at 4 days a week.  Working to keep stress levels down. Things have been hectic around here the last couple weeks. Still working on getting a few seminar dates nailed down.