Relentless Minnesota, despite some of the trials, had an awesome result in the end. A PR squat at 123, a PR deadlift at 123 and an all-time PR total of 1122! Now, I am moving on to Physique prep training and dieting. First show is Junior Nationals June 12 & 13. These 10 weeks will continue to focus on my weak points (shoulders, quads and some more separated hamstrings) as well as groove my raw bench work a bit. Amit Sapir is doing my diet and nutritional needs this year.  Training details will be laid out as we go. If you have any questions regarding diet, training, programming, and more, just send me a question!


Full on, full go. Sent some update pics in early since I knew things would be adjusted soon. Few more carbs were added in for the next 4 days then we start stripping things down.

Been getting my cardio in. Mostly walking on incline treadmill.

Diet is on point. Easter candy is all around, but it's crunch time so gotta make it happen. Definitely want to come in better than last year and push hard.

julia 9 weeks out

julia 9 weeks outa


My body is already fairly lean and I know things will happen fast. so that's always good. Just gotta stick with the plan... both training and diet and trust the process. And keep stress low. And get good sleep (been really exhausted lately). And drink lots of water. And take my vitamins. And stay out of the kids' Easter candy. And laugh and smile and do all the positive things.

Pics will be taken on Sunday again.... until then, keep up with my training to see how it's going.