Relentless Minnesota, despite some of the trials, had an awesome result in the end. A PR squat at 123, a PR deadlift at 123 and an all-time PR total of 1122! Now, I am moving on to Physique prep training and dieting. First show is Junior Nationals June 12 & 13. These 10 weeks will continue to focus on my weak points (shoulders, quads and some more separated hamstrings) as well as groove my raw bench work a bit. Amit Sapir is doing my diet and nutritional needs this year.  Training details will be laid out as we go. If you have any questions regarding diet, training, programming, and more, just send me a question!


Finally had a weekend of not much going on. No kids' activities, no traveling, no seminars. Decided to get up and get in a training session... good for the mind. I joined a local commercial gym on Thursday. The girl at the front desk knew who I was. Haha!  She was like, "what are you doing over here?... I follow you on Facebook and Instagram!"  So Saturday was going to be a rest day, but mentally I needed to get in there and train.

It was really good. About 15 minutes in, some guy asked me what I was training for and that I look like I work pretty hard. Thanks.

Ten minutes later, another guy pointed me in the direction of a fancy pants dip station thingy, instead of putting my hands and feet on a bench for dips.

Ten minutes later another guy asked me if I was training for a show coming up in May. "No, June," I politely said. "Well, that's awesome! You look great."

And then 15 minutes later, I get a fist bump from a dude, who told me my body looks really good and I must have been training for awhile now.

"How many years?"
"Since I was 15."
"Oh. wow. How old are you now, if you don't mind me asking?"
"Wow... well, you look great...."

And then in between my next 4 sets he proceeded to come talk to me. Asked me if I ate really good (of course I do silly), if I train people (yes, but not you), and if he can come work out with me next time I'm in there and follow along (I'd rather not.)

So yeah, fun times. I feel like I need headphones or something. I do keep my head down and do my work... guess being the "new girl" in the gym, or maybe a girl who trains really hard (??) just threw them off. Haha. I guess I've gotten so spoiled of training in my own place for so long, I forget what commercial gyms are like.

The session was awesome. Good pump. Hit some HIIT cardio afterwards too. Stress is still relatively high, although I feel a little better. Letting a few things sink in. Letting the boat ride out the storm. Sometimes you can't fight the storm, but you might need to just wait for it to settle to see a little more clearly.  Sleep is still off. Usually up a couple times a night. Sometimes for 10 minutes, other times for an hour.

SATURDAY - Shoulders and Arms

Curls and Pushdowns - 3x15, 3x20

3 level laterals - 3x10-15 each (head, shoulder, chest levels)

Machine Shoulder Press - rest pause
After a couple warm up sets
x8-10, rest 10 sec, xfail, rest 15 sec, xfail

NOTE: Loved using the machine as I felt I was able to keep my traps out of it and focus solely on the shoulders. It was a unilateral machine which I really liked. I didn't need to go real heavy since I was a tad fatigued from above, but it was good work.

EZ Curls - 4x12
superset with
Bench Dips - 4x15 w/ 45-70#

Arnold Press - 2x20

DB Curls - 3x12
superset with
Pushdowns - 3x20

Slight Incline Flyes - 2x20

On a final note... as most of you know, I am a huge fan of Wonder Woman. The woman is powerful, strong and stands for what is right. My apparel logo is even a derivative of the WW logo.  AND, AND the Superman vs. Batman movie comes out next year... with Wonder Woman. This may be one of the only movies I go and see on opening night.

wonder woman1


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