I've been building a Deadlift Training Program now since the beginning of 2020 and I think I have it down to a point where everyone can run through it for 12 weeks as it is written AND THEN you can repeat the process and pick and choose your own accessories based on how hard you've pushed the core lift...and what your plan is for the rest of the week!

I've talked recently about when you shrink the volume and intensity on your Core Lift (Deadlift) it gives you the opportunity to expand (do more) on accessory lifts or at least to do the more heavy exercises through your day/week and still recover from them! You can't pull, pull, pull, good morning, squat, barbell row all the time and recover... You can make smarter choices so that when things on one end are low you can balance them out on the other end so your recovery is always equal...and no need for a huge unplanned "deload" right in the middle of your training progress.