Quick rundown of how my training week looks:

Monday: Heavy/ME bench
Tuesday: Speed lower
Thursday: Speed/secondary upper
Friday (or Sat): Heavy/ME lower

Heavy upper work has been rotating... some full range, some partial movements. The pin presses felt great this week. I felt I was able to keep them in a good position, on the triceps.  Sometimes with those, it's easy to get out of position and end up on the shoulders.

Moved Friday's heavy lower work to Saturday.  Worked some block pulls.  I suck at conventional block pulls... but my sumo is great.  Saturday, I pulled 1 conventional/ 1 sumo until I failed at conventional.  Then down set conventional because you have to train what you're NOT good at.  Sure, I could've kept going sumo, but all it would do is boost my ego and reinforce what I'm good at, not build what I'm not good at.

It was a good week all around.... training, work, kids, life.  Stay focused on what's good.  Always.

 Training July  24-29

A. Pin press - worked up to 185x4
B. DB flat press - worked up to 70'sx7
C1. Fat bell laterals 4x12, rest pause last set
C2. Cable upright rows 4x12, rest pause last set
Finished with some tris and curls

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A. Speed Squats 2x3 @ 185 2x3 @ 200 2x3 @ 215 Single @ 230
B. Speed Deads, sumo 6x1 @ 225
C1. Deadstop BB rows 4x8
C2. Pullups 4x5
D1. Smith machine reverse lunge 3x8 each
D2. Backward sled drag 3 trips
E1. Smith machine kneeling squats 3x12
E2. Band leg curls 3x12

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A. Banded speed bench 9x3 @ 100

B. Wide grip bench 135x17

C1. Strict BB Cuban press 4x10
C2. Face pulls 4x15

D1. Slingshot pushups 3x30
D2. Chinups 3x8
D3. Pushdowns 3x15
D4. BB Curls 3x10

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A. Block pulls - 1 conv/ 1 sumo
365x fail conventional, 1 sumo
315x5 conventional
B. Single leg leg press 4x10 each
C1. Row machine 4x8
C2. DB stiff leg 4x10
D1. Single leg leg curls 4x10 each
D2. Band pulldown abs 4x12

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