Recent comps:
March 4, 2017 XPC Arnold - Raw 132, (315/185/360, 3 PR's)
Nov 5, 2016 NPC Midwest Gladiator Chicago - Women's Physique
Sept 24, 2016 NPC Indianapolis Grand Prix - Women's Physique
May 7, 2016 RPS Mid-Atlantic Powerlifting - Raw 132, Pro total
Read back at previous training logs to see what my off-season contained to prep for both PL and physique. #creatingamonster. 

June 19-24 training

After coming off a good weekend at the compound, it continued into the following week. Since I benched heavy Saturday at Elitefts, did some DB presses Monday and came back Thursday for some solid rep work.  Felt AWESOME.

Lower body stuff felt great. I feel like I'm building up better reps at higher percents.  Really just taking my time between each rep to ensure I'm stable and tight.

A. DB bench 5x12 drop set last
B. Lat pulldowns 5x10 drop set last
6 rounds:
Upright rows
Rope pushdowns
DB double arm row swinging style
Rear delts
Chest supported shrugs
DB curls any variety

A. Squat 5x5 @ 225
B. Stiff leg deads 1.5's 4x7
C. Leg press 4x20 narrow
D1. Leg extensions 2x30 drop set last
D2. Hamstring curls 2x15 rest pause last
E. Abs

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A. Bench press 165x5
Shoulder saver165x5@3 sets
B. Bent over rows deadstop 6x6
C1. Lat pulldown 4x10
C2. Around the worlds  4x12
D1. Rolling tris  4x9
D2. Preacher curl 4x12
E. Seated cleans 3x15

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A. Box squats vs bands 8x2 @ 150
B. Block pulls 250x4@4
C1. Chest supported rows 4x9
C2. Banded pullaparts w holds 5x5 hold 5 sec
D. Walking lunges 3x20 steps
E. Band leg curls 3x12
F. Abs 5mins

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