July 3-8 training

Adjusted this week's training because of traveling to Pittsburgh, some holiday family stuff and just general modifications that needed to be made. I'm writing on post on lack of focus and training (modifications that need to be made because of it). I know, as a veteran competitor/lifter for 20 years, what a "bad day" can do.  These past two weeks I learned even more... about adjusting training and also myself.

Moderate week overall. With the heavy squats Saturday, I opted to do some lighter/speed work for lower and push back the heavy stuff to the weekend.   Here's what went down.

Bench felt good warming up, but as I got heavier, I couldn't get tight. So cut the regular pressing short.
A. Bench, worked up to 165x3 @ 2sets
B. DB Press 45x10, 55x8, 60x8, 65x6
C. Low Row 4x12
D1. Laterals 4x12
D2. Upright rows 4x12
E. Triceps 3 sets

A. SSB box squats vs bands 8x2 @ 50%
B. SSB Goodmorning squat 4x8
C. Banded leg press, dead stop 4x8
D. DB stiff leg deads 4x12
E. Pulldowns 4x10


A. Bench vs. bands 9x3 @ 115
B. Close grip bench w/ pause 3x6 @ 135
C. Standing overhead press 4x8
D1. BB extensions 4x10
D2. DB Row 4x12 each @ 65
E1. Fast band laterals 3x30
E2. Fast band pushdowns 3x30

A. Deadlift w/ 2 chains (about 80#) Worked up to 275x3
B. Dead w/ chains, Added a 1" deficit 185x6 205x6 225x6
C. Wide box squats 135x8 155x8 175x8
D. Reverse lunges 4x12, 10, 8, 8
E. Leg curls 4x12
F. Band pulldown abs 3x15