Recent comps:
March 4, 2017 XPC Arnold - Raw 132, (315/185/360, 3 PR's)
Nov 5, 2016 NPC Midwest Gladiator Chicago - Women's Physique
Sept 24, 2016 NPC Indianapolis Grand Prix - Women's Physique
May 7, 2016 RPS Mid-Atlantic Powerlifting - Raw 132, Pro total
Coach - Scott Paltos.
Read back at previous training logs to see what my off-season contained to prep for both PL and physique. #creatingamonster.

Last week's training was adjusted just a bit in order to train at the Elitefts Compound.  Contrary to what most think, I do not live in London, OH, nor do I train there regularly. In fact, hardly any of us coaches and athletes live there.

But we do have Underground Strength Sessions for team members.  They started about 10 years ago. Sometimes they are planned around several teammates doing the same meet.  And sometimes we just do them because.  But usually happens a few times a year.  And it's one of my favorite things.

I've been training alone for 2 years.  While it has it's perks, it also has it's drawbacks.  No spotters.  No cues during a lift. And no atmosphere to push you.  You might think that one should be able to "motivate" themselves... and I have no issues there.  But find any good powerlifter and they will tell you that atmosphere does make a difference. Go to any good strength gym and you'll find it.... Westside, Elitefts Compound... I speak for those places because I've trained there many times.  Finding a good gym and great training partners can be one of the best things you do for your training.

Our team of women is very close. Many of us women have gone through extremely challenging times. And no matter what... no matter the situation, we have all been there for each other. We live far away, but I know I can text each and every woman on this team and they will be there, listen, support and help in any way. THAT is not easy to come by.

I've had some difficult conversations with some of these women.  I've had funny ones... deep ones... ones filled with tears... ones filled with things that will never be repeated.

These women are smart and bright.  They each bring such a unique aspect to the training capacity of the sport and the team.  They all have genuine hearts.... willing to share their own knowledge and humble enough to ask and keep learning as well.

As Dani Overcash and I spoke... for us women, coming together is such a refreshing feeling. We pick up where we left off, no questions asked. Individually, we are all strong women.... in many capacities. Together, we cannot be broken.


That is Bella Forza.

Thank you ladies for being so amazing.  Keep doing what you're doing.  Keep going against the grain.  Keep putting out quality information, regardless of what social media deems is popular.


A. Close grip shoulder saver 4x6 @ 155-165
B. Alt DB bench 3x12ea
C1. Lat pulldowns 4x12
C2. Underhand pullaparts 4x30
C3. Laterals 4x10
C4. Dips 4x9
C5. Ez bar curls 4x7

This was a rooouuuggghhh day.  The first  3 exercises were "big" exercises, using a lot of big muscle groups with compound, taxing movements.  That started it. I moved through B through E pretty quick because I had a meeting to get to.  It was hot as balls in there that day too.  By the end, I was toast. All the blood pooling to my legs left me feeling a little woozy. 
A. Front squat  4x4 rpe @ 175-185
B. Snatch grip deads w straps  6x5 @ 225-245
C. Snatch stiff deads 3x12 @ 205
D. Leg press narrow piston 4x20
E. Hamstring curls 3x12
F. Abs 5mins

A. Incline DB x12-10-8-6 drop set
B. Chest supported rows 3x9
C. Slingshot push-ups 3xamap
D1. Cable laterals 3x10
D2. Upright rows 3x12
E. Pushdowns 4x12 drop set

I could not have been more pleased with this day's training. I worked up like Scott told me too. Squats felt light and fast and while I probably could've taken another double, I stopped there. It was fast and smooth.
Bench felt awesome. As I was warming up, things were just moving really well. When I got to 185, I said, "Double or triple, depending on how the first 2 go."  After the first two, I knew I had to take a shot at it.  Little loose on the third, but solid.  FIRST TIME EVERY TRIPLING THAT WEIGHT! I am super proud of that and how well it went!! 
A. Squat - work up to heavy double - 225x2, 250x2, 275x2
B. Bench - work up to heavy triple - 165x3, 175x3, 185x3
C. Weighted pull-ups 4x3 @ 45#
D1. Tsunami DD rows 4x12-15 (These handles are AWESOME!!)
D2. Grenade pushdowns 4x9-12
E. Curls - giant drop set

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