Please stop using the term GPP incorrectly


Here is another gem from the NSCA thread about the CrossFit lawsuit. This is a prime example of people not really understanding concepts and how they apply to or are applied to training. I will cut out all of the BS and just list the main issue. Here goes:

CrossFit is a General Physical Preparedness program (GPP).

This person is among the other million people that misuse the term GPP. It stands for general physical preparedness by the way.

You cannot use the term GPP to describe any training program because there is no context. What activity is CrossFit actually GPP for? You have to indicate what you are generally physically preparing for.

If it is GPP for sports, well, every training program involved physical preparation uses external resistance. As Buddy Morris has stated many time. Lifting weights is just GPP for the athlete.

All weight training, plyometritcs and sprinting is GPP (unless you are a track athlete.) If you are using CrossFit to prepare for CrossFit Competition then it is Specific Physical Preparedness (SPP).

Here is the easiest way you can look at it, take a sports skill like plying linebacker in Football. Here is a skill to preparedness breakdown.

SSP: Pass Drops, Shedding Blocks, Tackling
GSP: Bag Drills, 5-10-5s, Broad Jumps
GPP: Clean, Squat, Press

SSP: Thruster, Kipping Pull-Ups, Rope Climbs
GSP: Front Squat, Push Press, Ring Rows
GPP: Back Squat, Deadlift, Strict Press

The back squat is used as GPP for the Thruster, But all of the exercises in the GPP category may actually be SPP. For example if a CrossFit total was part of competition.

This is just the Physical quadrant of preparation. This does not include the Technical, tactical, or mental preparations associated with those participantss.

Mental = The playbook
Technical = angle tackling, route running
Tactical = Key reads, site adjustments

Mental = Understanding the rules and anxiety level needed
Technical = Log Press Form or stone techniqe
Tactical = Direction of turn in the Farmers walk, strategically Re-cleaning the axle in a "press-away" event.

Bottom line is, people are confusing general fitness training with General Physical Preparation for a specific activity.

If you are not competing in sports, or a strength competition then what are you doing GPP for? Life. You telling me your GPP is to help you dirve you fucking SUV to work and sit at your desk more efficiently?

Read Supertraining and seek out knowledge "outside of the box". That's what the best coaches do. Actually learn from people in different scopes of practice and apply to their situation.

Ok, so we're good now? right?

Hang Snatch Complex
Bird weight x3 (1 pocket, 1 pause, 1 hang)
2 sets

Log Clean & Press
201x3 (1 Viper, 2 pause reps)
201x1 (pause)

Conventional Deadlifts w/ Straps

* So a little under 100 pounds of my max still. Progress is slow, but just keep grindin'.

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