Powerlifting Sunday: January

Powerlifting Jan 25 2015 from Clint Darden on Vimeo.


I went into the gym with a plan..."work on technique" but then these voices start talking to me as I warm up..."go for a PR" and I stop thinking. Once I get in my zone I can't speak anyway...but I can hear. Sometimes the voices come from those around me...sometimes they come from inside of my own head.

Box Squat
tons of warm up for my hips, shoulders, and elbows...all of which are hurting A LOT!

worked up to 712.5 x 1, very high but still a PR

Bench Press
worked up to 230 x 8 with short pro mini bands added, PR on reps

The plan was to then warm up on Dbell and then Front Squat...nearly got sick picking up the dbell and cleaning it...so I moved on to front squats.

My body hurt like nobody's business warming up on front squats so I began to change clothes and headed to the house. I need a small break to recover.

My wife did pretty awesome as well...deadlift PR included!

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