I haven't logged a Coach Log entry in almost 2 weeks so I have no choice but to put one up.  I have purposely not logged because I have been looking for a resolution for my situation before I wanted to be public with it but I don't have one yet.

I tire of obstacles and roadblocks so I really didn't want to put this out here yet but almost  2 weeks ago I started having problems with holding water and cramping.  This is the type of cramping that might come from a BA fat burner and the type of water retention that would come from THE fat burner.  However, I have not used either one of them and that is why this has been perplexing.  I would like to add that my BP is no different (not enough to matter) so at least that is not a concern.

To give you a little more insight, I was cramping just walking downstairs and had to stop because it felt as if a calf or quad was going to lock up but it never did.  I will say that my calves are sore as hell simply from ... yes, walking.

Obviously, an electrolyte issue of some sort but I have not been able to figure out why.  I have done the obvious and increased water intake and that has helped somewhat but the sweating I am doing while training and doing cardio is extensive and I feel as if the more water I drink, the more water I simply sweat away.  When I say "extensive", I mean like it is pouring off of me like a facet.  I sweat a lot, anyway, but this is more than usual.

My sodium intake is fine so I upped potassium and magnesium, as well, but only as of yesterday.  I will know more as to how I feel when I train tonight.

I also deloaded last week, not because of the cramping but because I had wondered if this is just due to massive depletion (or exacerbated by it) and I was pretty beaten up, anyway.  This is roughly the middle-phase of my prep so this was a good time to deload and I deloaded by not training, at all, for almost a week (or doing cardio).

Another thing I have decided to do is to not commit in stone to a show.  I had a show (and still do) in my sights but with so many shows down here in Florida to choose from, I have decided to leave the show date open and make the decision on which show to do (or shows) based on my condition as I get deeper into the summer months.  I did this because I was adding undue pressure to myself that I feel was causing me to overwork and over diet so this approach has lifted some anxiety that I was feeling and lightened the stress quite a bit.  I am now enjoying the training and the process much more AND this allows me to work out issues like the one I am currently having with the water retention and not feel the added stress of "I'm running low on time" for a show date.  Admittedly, this also allows me to choose other shows that I might be even more competitive in because the one I had my sights on was a huge show that arguably is out of my league, anyway.  I still want to do it but I now have the option to do it if I want to and/or do other shows around the same time that I could be much more competitive in.

Another decision I made this last week was to stop fucking around with so many things and lock into more of a black and white approach so that variables aren't constantly changing.  I am done trying to push for "another rotation" or the feeling that I have to push harder and I am going to lock into a set training rotation and load on predetermined days like I have always done in the past.  Like most bodybuilders, I tend to push too hard for too long and I don't feel I am benefiting from this as much as I could.  Locking into a more black and white approach will lessen my anxiety around decision making, as well.

Most of this might seem obvious to you, but the reality is that I still enjoy learning and trying new things.  The problem is that in doing this, I have become TOO "learny" and am messing with too much shit and it is getting in the way of my progress a bit.

I am hoping to have the water issue figured out this week (hopefully in a day or two) and put that behind me.  If it doesn't clear and I continue to struggle with the water this week, I will get kidney values done again to make sure that everything is normal.

Other than this latest concern about water weight, prep has continued to be boring and uneventful which I actually prefer.  I like the mundane while prepping and just enjoy the execution.