2 laps prowler, One heavy , one light


Activations and plank work, regular for time and sides 4 rounds each

3 laps prowler, started with 45 for lap, 25 for a lap and no weight on the final lap

REverse hypers 5x12


1 lap heavy prowler

Activations with ab wheel mixed with bid dogs

Pit shark front squat harness. Enjoying the front squat harness alot right now.  6x8 work sets

Reverse hypers 3x12

Holding to the plan with the prowler which is try to make it 30 days doing it everyday.  I am altering it slightly but that always happens.  Original plan was lighter for 2 laps one day and heavier for one lap the next day.   I did 3 laps yesterday and 2 laps today instead of two and one respectively .  I think the currently gym feeling is I ain't feeling it so prowler  as most of you know kills it all. Plus I am trying to handle alot of shit right now. Not the usual employee drama this time.  Just alot with the new building and all that goes with that, pushing ahead on several new products, other financial interests. Juggling alot that I am just not that good at but into the frying pan I go! Personally, I am also getting deeper into my own shit and experimenting with ways to deal with that.   The Be Activated is still the evener in my life and keeping me from going off the reservation.  Life is really good so I ain't bitchin' Just tryin to figure out how to enjoy all the moments both good and bad.