I've started taking questions again on my YouTube channel and I never expected it to take off like it has! I've had a few hundred questions in the last couple of weeks and I'm trying to answer as many of them as possible as fast as possible. If it goes over well, I'll continue to do a video per week or at least pick several and make a nice 30 minute long video once per month.

Here is Part 1!

1:41 - Do you plan on competing again?
3:41 - Who is the best modern Strongman?
6:29 - Thoughts on exclusively using SS Yoke bar?
9:41 - Thoughts on low test/low deca/high tren cycles?
12:13 - Will beer kill gains?
14:10 - How to manage warmups at meets?
17:55 - Best way to box squat for raw powerlifters?
19:40 - Juggernaut/Sheiko program?
20:40 - Training split for competitive Strongman+powerlifter?
24:15 - Home Strongman training equipment?