The weekend was... eventful. Let's start from the beginning...

I was 130 a week prior so I had 7 pounds (well, 6.5) to drop in almost 6 days. Amit Sapir (who I am still working with) had me on course to make weight for Friday afternoon. I'm a simple girl... usually I just water load, cut carbs and call it there.

We started loading on Sunday, along with magnesium, calcium and potassium.  Carbs were cut slowly, although looking back I should've cut them sooner. I kept up with some fluff work during the week as well.

By Thursday morning, I was still 127. Shut the water off at noon and had a small breakfast and lunch. Kept an eye on my weight all day and started some dandelion root and vitamin C. By night, I was still 126. Wanted to float about 2 pounds overnight and wake up at 124.

That didn't quite happen as I woke up at 125.5. Had a 6.5 hour drive ahead of me with lots and lots of gum, lollipops and spitting.  Took the scale with us so I could stop at rest stops and weigh.

The first pit stop, I was down to 125. Yikes. Gum, spit. Lollipop, spit. Spit, spit. Holy crap, I don't know if I can spit anymore.  We got back on the highway, but after about 10 minutes, we hit a major stall.

Like, nobody is moving. Dead stop. Stand still. WTF??  Come on, people... MOVE! Come to find out, there was a truck accident that resulted in a chemical spill. Entire highway shut down.  It's taking forever to get everyone off the highway and the side road they are shuttling people to is getting backed up to.

Instead of turning right like everyone else, we turn left, head up a few miles and get back on the highway.  That took almost 2 extra hours!  While we were sitting there in the traffic jam, I contemplated forgetting the weight cut and just smashing the carbs in the car and lifting at 132.

But after a few texts, I was told, and realized, that I was only a pound away. All the hard work was done and while I'd be weighing in later than I wanted, we could make it work and still perform well.

Second pit stop 124.5. Getting closer.

Third pit stop 124. Ok, I have some faith. Lollipops were better than gum at this point.

Final potty break... 123.5 even. That's it, I'm there. Now just arrive and weigh in.  Which I did. I had Pedialyte and BCAA's all ready to go. Don't chug, Jules. Drink it relatively quickly, but don't chug. It was now 5:00 when I should've weighed in at 2:00

Now time for food... Nothing like McDonald's (which isn't my favorite, but was a close choice.)  Double cheeseburger, some nuggets and more Pedialyte.

Stopped at the grocery store for some Pop-tarts, salty snacks and Powerade. Snacked on a few things for the next hour and then it was time for another meal. My tummy was definitely getting full, but I had to press on.

Piece of pizza (no cheese), chex mix, a pop tart, Powerade, and a cookie. Headed to our Hope Kids family's house for some spaghetti and meatballs. I could hardly finish, the food was up to my neck. I managed to get down a half a Ben & Jerry's... shame on me I couldn't finish it.

By morning I was back up to 129.5 and after some food up to 130.5. Probably would've been nice to sit at 132, but things were looking pretty good.