Tuesday 2/24


Static Stretching

McGill Big 3

Push Ups

Recumbent Bike: 20 minutes


Second 2 gun match of the season. I was much happier with how this month's match went. It was 3 stages and had finishes in my squad (6 people) of 4th, 1st, and 2nd. Not sure how I did overall yet as the results aren't up. We started on stage one. This involved a lot of running and awkward shooting positions. My body showed its age on this one. The younger guys were sprinting and having no issues getting into good positions. Me, not so much. My sprint is more of a fast waddle now.

Stage 2 was fast and short. 8 total targets, 2 shots each, half with rifle and half with pistol. From two different shooting positions and max distance of 10 yards. This is my kind of stage. Not a lot of running and VERY fast shooting. So, I went for it and by a miracle all of my hits were in the A zone. A couple of guys were slightly faster than me, but they lost time for dropped target points.


Stage 3 was fun, but long. It involved a lot of barriers, 10 paper targets and a 6 steel plate pistol rack. The barriers were set up such a way that to maintain cover all the shots had bee made left handed. You also only had 2 ten round mags for the rifle. So, you had a mag change offhanded with the rifle and then transition to the pistol when you ran the rifle dry. First pistol mag was 10 rounds and second was unlimited (22 rounds for me). I was 4th in the shooting order. I watched the first three guys run it and everyone was having issues with getting their hits. I decided it was time to just go slow and get all of my hits. The strategy seemed to payoff. My initial time was slower than half the guys, but I made up for it by only dropping on target for 3 seconds. Also, after some struggles last month with the pistol rack, I did it in 6 shots and was very happy.

I have to say that I am sore today. But, man that was some serious fun!